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12 Fantastic Tree Tunnels Around The World Which Leads You To The Pathway Of Heaven And Bliss


12 Fantastic Tree Tunnels Around The World Which Leads You To The Pathway Of Heaven And Bliss

Here we got you some of the bewitching tree tunnels around the world, which directly leads you to the path of heaven. It is not that easy to build a tunnel out of trees but here it got the way exactly they should be. Here we brought you a list of 12 fantastic tree tunnels around the world, which are eye catching and worth watching and walking too.

1. Bamboo path, Japan

This is one of the popular bamboo forest called Sagano and one has to walk between the towering trees that line each side.




2. Cherry Blossom Avenue,Germany

Due to blossoms there is a beautiful pink canopy formed only for 2-3 weeks. Each spring, beautiful flowers bloom on this street in Bonn.




3. Oak Alley along the Mississippi River outside New Orleans, Louisiana

This is one the famous tree tunnels with trees lined on the road which are about 800 feet long, and it feel absolutely divine while walking along its canopied path.




4. The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

Trees were planted in eighteen century by the Stuart family in order to impress visitors on the way to their house. Three centuries later the trees are still doing a bang-up job.




5. Sakura Tunnel, Japan

You really deserve to visit this beautiful tree tunnel of cherry tree branches to expensive relaxing and a peaceful stroll.




6. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Tunnel of love is famous for people making sincere wishes that have come true. It is known for its 1.8 miles long tunnel covered with more of lush green and foliage.


7.Wisteria Tunnel, Japan

This tunnel is the best places to admire different varieties of wisteria, including double-petaled wisteria, giant wisteria and yellow, white, light pink or purple variants of wisteria.



8. Mapal Tunnel, USA

Mapal Tunnel is one the most beautiful and spectacular tunnels in USA which sets you completely out of dream especially in the fall season.




9.Laburnum Tunnel in Bodnant Gardens, UK

Bodnant Garden is a curbed walk about 190 feet long with its way completely covered with yellow flowers.




10. Gyeonghwa Station, South Korea

Hundreds of cherry trees can be viewed in this amazing tunnel and the tunnel created at Gyeonghwa Station can be described as amazingly beautiful path you ever wanted to walk along with someone.




11. Tree Tunnel, Portugal

You definitely cannot afford to miss this beautiful tree tunnel from Portugal,  which is blossoming and glowing day by day.




12. Yew Tree Tunnel, UK

According to sources, it is unusual to find yew trees growing on chalkland. These trees have been arched by winds blowing from the open fields to the southwest.



So, which one is your favorite tree tunnel?

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