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12 Instances That Prove Vikas Gupta Is The Most Sensible Contestant On Bigg Boss 11

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12 Instances That Prove Vikas Gupta Is The Most Sensible Contestant On Bigg Boss 11

Bigg Boss 11 is a controversial show and contestants leave no stone unturned to create extra masaledaar drama on it. Without fights and controversies, the show is simply incomplete. Yes, there is no Bigg Boss without some high-voltage incidents. Some contestants like Om Swami and Priyanka Jagga created total chaos in the last season; this season, we have Priyank Sharma to take their place.

On the other hand, Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma are showing unwanted romance, which is making it a bit uncomfortable for us to watch the show. On the other hand, Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta’s unexpected patch-up has stunned us. We loved the way Vikas Gupta handled the situation and consoled Shilpa when she was lonely and sad.

After this, we can really make out that Vikas Gupta is the only sensible contestant on the show. It’s not just due to one incident that we are calling him sensible, but it’s due to various good gestures that he has shown over a period of time. Given below are a few of them including that of Shilpa’s;

1. When Shilpa was sitting under the table and shedding tears, Vikas went up to her and consoled her. He told her that he’s always there for her and will never ever withdraw support. We got to see a wonderful example of “Jo hua so hua”. Usually, people keep petty things in mind and make relations all the more bitter; however, in case of Vikas, it’s complete the opposite. He forgot such a big controversy with Shilpa and extended friendship.

2. Bigg Boss house controversies are very common. Cheap comments are exchanged often; some men don’t even realize that they must respect the females in the house. Amidst this, Vikas had proved that he’s courteous. When Priyank had passed very cheap and personal comments against Arshi, VIkas made sure he gave her the support she needed. Just one sentence i.e. “Main hamesha tumhare saath rahunga iss game mein.”. Support is what a woman needs in such a situation.

3. Vikas always supports the person who is right. No matter how good friends he is with someone, he will stand with the right person only. Remember the Aakash Dadlani v/s Benafsha fight? It was too wild and intense. During the fight, he preferred being the mediator between the 2, instead of adding fuel to the fire. No, he didn’t take sides; instead, he corrected the faults of both Ben as well as Aakash. What a sensible person he is!

4. Another instance was with Jyoti Kumari. Vikas was very protective over her and literally treated her like his own child. Well, we got to know that he is good with people younger than him too; instead of being dominating or bullying her, we always saw Vikas protecting Jyoti.

5. In case of Lucinda too, Vikas Gupta stood by her in her in difficult times. This was a proof that Vikas Gupta has immense respect for women. The way he talked, the way he supported, everything showed that he’s a GENTLEMAN.

6. Now, during the spaceship task, there was really no need of Vikas to get down, after Hina went to pee. This decision of getting down could have been very risky for him. When Vikas couldn’t control, he peed inside a garbage bag, but when it was Hina’s turn, he forgot all his enmity and got down just to hold a towel for her. Although he must be disliking her, he didn’t let his ego pop in. This shows that Vikas is respectful towards women & no matter how badly he is treated, he will always show that courtesy!

7. Some people have a habit of back-bitching, but thankfully, Vikas is not so. He knows how to express feelings in sensible words & how to make others understand. Vikas always talks whatever is in his mind i.e. without adding any mirch masala. While talking about women, Vikas always knows his limits. Even though someone has behaved badly with him, he doesn’t point fingers or bitch about her. For example, even in case of Hina, he just dislikes her hypocrisy, but we have never heard him say bad about her or use disrespectful language. When he was telling Sapna how hurt he is, did you notice his language? It was free of bad words and abuses! This proves his class.

8. When Salman Khan was bashing Vikas, he took everything sportingly and didn’t be rude or showed attitude. Instead of claiming himself Mr. Right, he understood things and took them positively.

9. The way he talks with Arshi Khan shows his respect again. No doubt, Arshi has always been surrounded by loads of controversies and is known for her boldness. Regardless of her clothes, her profession or anything else, Vikas has supported her and considered her as a “WOMAN” first.

10. When it came to nominating Hiten and Bandgi, Vikas stayed true to his promise. He had promised Bandgi that he will save her and he did so. However, even after nominating Hiten, he went up to him and said a sorry.

11. During the luxury budget task this week, Vikas showed a lot of humanity. When Bandgi’s eyes were burning due to mirchi, he totally banned it from the game. Also, he kept forcing Bandgi to not cut Hina’s hair. For him, humanity was above this game.

12. When Vikas was forced during the courtroom task to speak against women, he said that he would rather prefer keeping quiet thinking he lost, rather than disrespecting women.

So, even after these instances, don’t you agree with us that Vikas Gupta is very very sensible?

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