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12 Pics/Memes Which Relate With The life Of Every Engineering Student.


12 Pics/Memes Which Relate With The life Of Every Engineering Student.

Here We Are Having Some Pics Which Relate With The Life Of Every Engineering Student.In India, It’s Not That Easy To Be An Engineer.An Engineer Has To Go With Many Problems And Troubles So We Are Having Some Funny Things Which An Engineering Student Experiences.Let’s Have A Look On Them.

1. Tum Se Na Ho Payega

There Is Always A Professor Who Keep Saying “Tum To Lectures Bhi Nahi Karte,Tumahra Kuch Nahi Hoga”.

2. One Universal Notebook

Because Spending Money On Books Is Too Mainstream.

3. Facing External Examiner Is Damn Tough

An Engineer Keeps 2 Minutes Of Silence When Asked Something Tough.

4. The Counter Strike And Maggi

They Can’t Live Without Maggi And Sutta.

5. They Don’t Care About Marks


6. Hectic Submission Week

They Don’t Even Shave During Submission Week.

7. If A Friend Tops The College


8. The Spartans

They Become spartans When They About Future.

9. Attendance Matters


10. A True Engineer Is A Foreveralone Guy

I don't need any gf600
They End Up Saying ‘Hume To Time Hi Nahi Hota Hume Nahi Padhna Pyaar Vyaar Me’.

11. One Common Dream

I have 600
Everyone Dreams Of Going Home.

12. Don’t Even Dare To Ask An Engineer His Percentage

my marks600

These Are The Things Which An Experiences.Comments Below And Give Your Reviews.

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