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12 Places In India Where You Can See Beautiful Night Sky


12 Places In India Where You Can See Beautiful Night Sky

Do you want to give a best holiday surprise to your partner? Then don’t worry! Walk below the starlit sky plus exceed into the thrilling of the universe by this list of beautiful breathtaking night skies that are discussed below.

1.Jaisalmer, Rajasthan:Jaipur Night Safari in Jaisalmer is best choice to re-kindle that romance whereas heading out in the white which strums an intense music looking at the sparkly stars overhead, immense infusion which is the Milky Way, lying on a clear night.


2.Sarchu, Jammu and Kashmir:It is a main halt point by tented housing in the Himalayas on the Leh-Manali Highway. You can utilize this place use this spot as an all night stop, how glorious is the night, go & experience this.


 3.Kuari Pass, Uttarakhand:The Kuari Pass in Uttarakhand otherwise Curzon’s Trail that is home to five rivers: The night sky accentuates the peaks at night time, garnishing it with a bevy of stars that mesmerize the trekker halting for a breather.


4.Taregna, Bihar:Taregna literally means taare ginna (counting stars)! Trust Aryabhatta, for he spent a lot of time there fulfilling his astronomical desires. Head here for a lonesome walk under a bed of stars and never-ending farm lands.

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5.Nubra Valley: It is situated to the north-east of Ladakh, plus meets by the Shyok River. Intended for grand sight to the stars over, it serve as a common haunt for the thousands of stargazers by a wish for stunning night skies.


6.Tadiandamol, Karnataka:Located in the Coorg District, it is the uppermost mountain in the area plus offers a clear vision of the night sky as of atop that is actually charming plus idealistic.


7.Rann Of Kutch, Gujarat:It offer you by a vast area of stranded desert plus crystal clear skies that sparkle by such passion which no diamond can match to it-plus it’s cheaper than them!


8.Bhandaradara, Maharashtra:An unidentified wealth in the state of Maharashtra, camp jointly in this private hill-station whereas you desire on those shooting stars as this place guarantee a superb night sky by stars falling from each direction.


9.Yercaud, Tamil Nadu:Yercaud in Tamil Nadu ensure an amazing night sky vision plus amazing walks. This hill station is incredibly picturesque moreover compose for a huge trail in daylight otherwise at night (or else in thunder).


 10.Coorg, Karnataka:Lie between valley of rice plus coffee plantation, with river banks supply as an awesome skylight; guide one’s intellect away from the limits of the solid jungle.


11.Mandarmani, West Bengal: Mandarmoni is single of the greatest developing coast option village in West Bengal. Mandarmoni is an enjoyable sea side place for a bonfire night by friends.


12.Beaches, Goa: The Goan nightlife is totally a markable over the respite of the world. Whether it’s the night clubs otherwise the clearly life-absorbing beaches, there is not anything which you would regret after twilight!




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