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12 Things Are Going to be Extinct in India Very Soon

12 Things Are Going to be Extinct in India Very Soon RVCJ Media


12 Things Are Going to be Extinct in India Very Soon

Nothing is permanent , small but very accurate and one of the bitter truths we know till date . One who has a starting must end at something when its time fades away . Sometimes we can’t hold on to the things we have the greatest fondness for.

Here are 12 things that are soon going to end to cease in India:-

1. Wular lake

The lake is shrinking very rapidly. Its all because of Pollution .
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2. Maruti 800

Maruti 800 happens to be the first family’s car of the country. It was the only car available to middle class and lower class families in India.
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3. Snow Leopards

The big cats from mountains is facing the problem of deforestation.
Soon they going to be extinct .
Image Source

4. Eatables Of Childhood

Just like the cartoons we loved to watch , some candies from our childhood are also to be taken away from us by new candies .
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5. Local Eateries

Big restaurant chains will soon make small local eating joints to shut. Recently, 200 years old Ghantewala declared a shut down.
Image Source

6. Languages

Bhasha Research and Publication Centre conducted a survey that found over 200 languages have been discontinued to use in India, and soon a few more will expire.
Image Source

7. Indian Rhinoceros

Indian rhinoceros are also called the one horned rhinoceros. Today, we are left with just around 3000 of them and the number is decreasing very rapidly due to poachers and natural calamities.
Image Source

8. The Indian Postal Service

The internet is spreading very fast all over India, which is posed as a big threat to postal services.
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9. Red Panda

This adorable mammal is going towards extinction because of rampant deforestation. Only 10,000 red pandas are left with us .
Image Source

10. Ambassador Classic

The favorite car of Indian politicians can soon go invisible. The production of the car was discontinued in 2014, and 20 or 30 years down the line these cars will be totally wiped out surely .
Image Source

11. Asian Elephants

The most beautiful thing in these elephants has become the biggest reason for its extinction. Poachers are killing Asian elephants for the ivory which fetches good amount when sold.
Image Source

12. PCO Stalls

Easy access to mobile phones has caused PCO stall owners to face recession, which results in rapid shutdown.
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Feeling sad about things which are going to be extinct very soon in India . So, before they extinct please use them or see them as soon as possible to tell stories about these to your childrens 😛
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