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12 True Intangible Pleasures Of Life That Are Free


12 True Intangible Pleasures Of Life That Are Free

There are truly things that money can’t buy. There are few things especially for any Indian that have some hidden intangible pleasures attached with it, which WE might not disclose but WE secretly do it & Love it too. Here is a list of such small little secrets that we hide but deep down inside we are more than happy.

1. To get more marks than you Expectations

While in Reality we try to stay Modest! But Deep Down WE are like “Fuck Yeah! I am the King of the World”



2. When someone compliments on your Weight Loss

What We say:“Oh Really, Have I, May be But I am not even Working Out ”
What WE Mean: “Yo, Bitch! I have been Starving for Months to hear this”


3.To Get the Stomach Clear in The Morning

Yes, this means really a lot, otherwise the whole day you will be left feeling uneasy. The pleasure of releasing the pressure is “Divine”


4. When You Find Some Unclaimed Money On Road

No doubt anything Free! Muft Muft Muft is great to Indian, but hey you have hit the jackpot even if you find a 10 rs note lying on the street, But Bigger the Better for sure


5. To Abuse in Mother Tongue

Yes, Teri Maa Di, Behn Di, gives you a sense of pleasure which Scoundrel & Bitch Cannot provide Anytime!


6. To Get Hold of a Window Seat

And, if you get in a crowded bus, You are a lucky fella!


7. To Burp WhenEver & WhereEver

And, the best part is if No One notices. Because in India “Ladkiyon ko toh Dakar lena bhi Allowed nahi hai” as said by Kangana Ranaut in Queen! True That!


8. To Fart In Public Without Getting Noticed

And, there is no one to judge you. Because in all the traffic noise No one can hear what you just released 😀 😀



9.To Get Free Wi-Fi

Free internet ki Kimmat tum kya jaano Ramesh Babu!



10.To Acquire that Perfect Position While Sleeping

Where is the pillow, where is the side pillow? Hands beneath the pillow, Side-Bend, On Your Stomach. It takes an hour to acquire that perfect & comfortable posture to sleep. And, when you get it, Dare anything disturb you,



11. Finding Unexpected Money in Your Shirt or Jean

Especially if you are broke, 10 rs also seems like Millions, Thanks to your Memory Loss



12.Your Grandparents telling you stories of Your Childhood

And, when they say, your eyes sparkle thinking about your days of fun. Feel like adoring and pampering our-self.


These beautiful things in life are free, so indulge as much as you can, till you have the time.

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