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13 Bollywood Movies Which People Did Not Like But It Made A Lot Of Money At Box-Office

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13 Bollywood Movies Which People Did Not Like But It Made A Lot Of Money At Box-Office

Bollywood is really going through a rough phase currently. Both content based movies and box office is sinking terribly. Though few of the movies did bring in some relief, there are many that were a disaster despite starring Khans and A-listers.

Well, this phase could have been avoided only if we as an audience never encouraged senseless movies. We may crib about the movie as we walk out of theaters but at the end of the day, these movies are the ones that made a hell lot of money at the box office. No stories, no content, no logic and not even entertaining, these movies just got their marketing right.

We have compiled a list of such movies which people trolled, hated but yet these movies made a lot of money at the box office, check it out:

1. Dilwale – 372 Crores Worldwide, 148 Crores at Indian Box Office

This SRK- Kajol reunion movie sold the day when it was announced. Rohit Shetty felt that SRK-Kajol Jodi is enough to earn money. Add some good songs, supporting cast and flying cars and the movie will pull the crowd. Well, he wasn’t wrong, the movie smashed major records at the box office but at the same time, people completely bashed the movie for its stupid script and characters.

2. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo – 367 Crores Worldwide, 207 Crores at Indian Box Office

The Barjatya movie starring Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor was a Diwali release and there are no other reasons for the movie to make so much movie. That same old formula movie with nothing new to offer. PRDP was a disappointment yet it made a lot of money.

3. Happy New Year -345 Crores Worldwide, 205 Crores at Indian Box Office

The movie which was one of a kind in the heist genre did not make a mark on the content. The movie had terrible jokes as comedy. Though the cast and performances were fine, the story became a major drawback. Result? People criticized the movie a lot but only after watching it. However, no negative feedback could stop the movie from making lots of money at the box-office.

4.Krrish 3 -291 Crores Worldwide, 240 Crores at Indian Box Office

Our very own Bollywood superhero movie Krrish series was liked until it released the third installment. Well, the movie starring Hrithik Roshan Priyanka Chopra, Vivek Oberoi, and Kangana Ranaut did make a lot of money but did not really impress the movie-goers nor any superhero movie fans.

5. Bang Bang – 270 Crores Worldwide, 181 Crores at Indian Box Office

Though Bang Bang received mixed reactions, there are majority people who completely bashed the Hrithik Roshan- Katrina Kaif action flick for its senseless script and dialogues. The movie despite the loopholes made 270 Crores.

6. Ra.One – 207 Crores Worldwide, 115 Crores at Indian Box Office

Ra.One starring Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Arjun Rampal was one of the most ambitious projects under Red Chillies banner since it boasted about high VFX work and the movie was released in 3D also. Considering so much was done, the only thing they did not get it right was the content and sense. The entire movie was gone for a toss with no sensible script.

7.Housefull 3 – 195 Crores Worldwide, 109 Crores at Indian Box Office

The multi –starrer comedy movie comes up with sequels. However, this installment wasn’t really liked by the people. The humor was also not up to the mark. However, the box office story proves otherwise. The movie made around 195 Crores and we know that money means a lot.

8. Race 2 – 162 Crores Worldwide, 102 Crores at Indian Box Office

Belonging to the hit movie Race, the audience went inside the theaters with a lot of expectations for its sequel but the story had many loopholes and it was predictable also, the likeability was really less. The movie, however, made 162 Crores.

9. Son Of Sardar – 135 Crores Worldwide, 106 Crores at Indian Box Office

The movie which had nothing great to offer to the people also made 135 Crores. From getting Salman Khan to promote the movie to useless stunts, the movie lacked the entertainment quotient.

10. Welcome Back – 169 Crores Worldwide,132 Crores at Indian Box Office

The sequel to the hit movie Welcome was a complete disaster. The movie’s story and even the performances were really average. However, the movie did phenomenal business at the box office.

11. Singh Is Bling – 125 Crores Worldwide, 99 Crores at Indian Box Office

One of the rare Akshay Kumar movie which is total crap. Even after not being liked by the audience, the movie managed to earn 125 Crores at the box-office.

12.Shivaay – 146 Crores Worldwide, 112 Crores at Indian Box Office

The movie that starred Ajay Devgn had given audience quite high expectations. After the trailers were released, the movie looked quite advanced technically. With an actor like Ajay Devgn in the movie, it assured people that this movie is surely in safe hands. The movie was released during Diwali along with Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and after so much hype and controversy, the movie was sold successfully to people. However, the audience walked out with disappointment since it failed to impress.

13.Humshakals – 87 Crores Worldwide, 71 Crores at Indian Box Office

One of the worst Bollywood movies ever made in the history is Humshakals. Absolutely not funny, the script had no sense and the entertainment quotient was also very low. However, the movie made 87 Crores, which proves that nothing can stop a multi-starrer masala film in Bollywood from making money at the box-office.

Well, our Bollywood has to look beyond masala flicks. With such rough phase in our industry, it is surely a signal that audience expects more from the movie makers. They don’t just want crap with some superstars and good music. The time has come for change. What do you all feel? let us know in the comments section.

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