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13 Memes That Only Computer Engineers Will Understand


13 Memes That Only Computer Engineers Will Understand

Integrating in several fields of electrical engineering and computer science required to develop computer hardware and software, the discipline following this criteria is known as computer engineering. However, for getting recruited in India, they have to be the finest. There are many things involved in this discipline such as languages, coding and all and those are too damn complex, many kinds of errors occur due to their complexity and long lengths. We made some memes only for computer engineers to provide them a good laugh.

1. Which Course? ☹️

Which Course

2. What I Really Do ?

what i do

3. Reasons Why I Want To Be An Engineer ?

trst me

4. How A Computer Engineer Sees ?


5. Still Wondering ?

Still Wondering

6. Dear Lord ?

std. tcp ip

7. She’s Scanning Her Computer For Viruses ? ?

Her PC

8. Last Night, I lost The Control ?

lost control

9. Maalik, Jitna Tha Sab Laaya Hoon ?

Maalik Jitna Tha

10. He’s A Computer Engineer ?

My Son

11. They Never Die ?

never diw

12. Semicolon Factor ?


13. Damnbit ?


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