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13 Points Which Prove Nature Is The True Wonder Of Earth


13 Points Which Prove Nature Is The True Wonder Of Earth

Though nature and habitats have been an integral part of India since times immemorial and our ancestors knew the importance of them and had cared for them, today we see it declining. Today no one thinks about nature or habitats. As the world celebrates the World Nature Day and World Habitat Day on October 3 and the World Animal Day on October 4, here are few facts on what nature gives us, various natural habitats and what one can do to conserve them.

1. Motherly nature with ‘Everything for man’s need not for man’s greed’

NatureIt provides everything to mankind with nothing in return.

2. The silent guardian

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A country without a government, a child without parents, a student without a teacher, a party without a leader is same as the earth without a nature.

3. A friend for the friends

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Nature can be one of the best friend of human being you can really see the feeling of the nature it can’t speak but it can feel you 100% by her sensation.

4. The worse of the enemies

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Nature gives you everything without any selfishness but when any one tries to ruin it then it becomes a real enemy of human being in the form of natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, drought, tsunami, etc.

5. Nature proves the great Indian saying, ‘Vasudhaev Kutumbkam

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Humans made the caste system, religion, we define the certain area for certain community but nature is what allows every living being (plant or animal) to use its most likely thing for the welfare of others.

6. A pure bliss for the eye

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Even emperor Shah Jahan on visit to Kashmir had said, “Agar kahin jannat hai to wo yahin hai, yahin hai, yahin hai.” If you start to observe the nature you will realize the real beauty of this earth.

Natural Habitats are so serene that they make you euphoric

7. The perfect bedroom and the dining room


World’s first underwater restaurant ‘Ithaa’ in Maldives and Africa’s first underwater room 13ft below the surface of the Indian Ocean, offer lucid views of sea creatures in their natural habitat. Don’t you think this calls for a vacation at the place?

8. Jungle Safaris for searching the real kings


Jungle safaris are the best to see the habitat of terrestrial animals and especially the habitat of the king of the jungle ‘Lions.’ I bet you have a feeling of covetousness towards them for owning better residences than yours. 😛

9. Onlookers envy, owner’s pride


I have envied the polar bears and penguins for having such beautiful habitats. Surely you would have envied too.

10. The soft bed for free

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Love nature it will love you a lot it will create a special bed in her bosom where you can relax very calmly like a child sleeps in the arm of her mother.

The free pharmacist

11. Pure natural medicines available free of cost


Pure priceless medicine which makes the life happier and stress free without any cost and with no side effects. Mother nature knows what is best.

What you should do?

12. The Swachh Bharat Sundar Bharat Nirmal Bharat Aazad Bharat Abhiyaan

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It is said charity starts at home. Clean surrounding leads to a better natural environment. If we keep our nature neat and clean it will help us from several diseases and in return of which we can save lots and lots of money and life both very easily. So, let’s as our prime minister says take the ‘ek kadam swachhta ki or.’

13. Van Mahotsav

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Nature and plants have always been an integral part of the Indian culture with plants having great spiritual importance in ancient and many parts of modern India. If you plant a single tree then you are saving many lives, after all our life is totally based on the life of tree so plant the tree to save one’s life and feel happy also a number of birds find their homes in the tree branches only.

Do share and propagate the idea of natural rehabilitation and leave your comments on the topic below.

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