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13 Sexist Sentences To Be Avoided When Dating

13 Sexist Sentences To Be Avoided When Dating RVCJ Media


13 Sexist Sentences To Be Avoided When Dating

All of us know So there is no doubt to say that sexism is a big dark mark on our Indian culture and even in 21st century, it’s deeply rooted in our society. Passing sexist and vulgar comment is what we witness in our daily basis. And the bigger thing is, nobody has a guilty conscience after passing such repugnant comments.

As we know the sexist sentences are bad everywhere, but render even more damaging impact when dating. It’s not good for a healthy long term relationship that you leave your impression as a exaggerated patriotism.

Here is a collection of 13 sexist sentences that need to be avoided when you date someone:-

1. I will order for us

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2. Men are not that much romantic

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3. You can’t expect a man to be a virgin

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4. Men shouldn’t be that emotional

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5. Women never be good drivers

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6. Cooking is something made exclusively for women

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7. I am looking for a man who earns good money

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8. You don’t need to work, I earn enough money

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9. I want a virginal pure woman

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10. Men should pay the bill

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11. You’re so beautiful, why do you work as an executive

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12. Women must know to cook

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13. Men don’t wear pink outfits.

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Feelings need to be respected .. Avoid using these sentences while dating a boy or a girl .. Use of these may harm your health 😛
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