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13 Things We All Do Before An Exam

13 Things We All Do Before An Exam RVCJ Media


13 Things We All Do Before An Exam

Exams. The word itself triggers tremors. Exams across the nation unite the students, don’t they? Here we list the top thirteen things that we all do before exams.

 1. Plan meticulously

like a boss

Its just that we don’t follow.

10 AM – 12 — Unit 1

12 30 PM – 2 PM — Unit 2


You woke up at 11 30 AM.

 2. But yet stay optimistic


“Its okay. I can start at 3 PM. I can cover all units by 9 PM and revise. Let me just not log on to Facebook”

 3. Log on to Facebook


Arre, I just wanted to check birthdays. C’mon, wish toh karna hai? Just ten minutes.

 4. Cyber stalk


And end up on ex’s new girlfriend/boyfriend’s chaacha’s sister’s son’s account.

 5. Ask others


“OMG you finished that unit? Damn.”

And when they ask what’s your plan,


 6. Set your WhatsApp status to ‘Exams!’ followed by harrowed emojis and spend an hour checking others’ statuses


 7. Freak out whilst continuing the staring at the wall

freak out

“I am so screwed tomorrow.” “That looks like an old man’s caricature through the texture paint. I hadn’t noticed that before!” “I should really study” “I should totally take up metaphysics”

 8. Decide to ditch the international author’s textbook and stick with college’s xerox notes



 9. Really freak out

freak out more

Because its 11 PM and you still have the whole syllabus in front of you.

 10. Call your bestie


“Yaar I am failing tomorrow. I haven’t yet started”

 11. Feel a sense of relief when they give you positive feedback


“Yaar me too! Lets start now? Lets study probable questions, okay? Lets skip the rest”

 12. Start studying


And next thing you know, you have finished the damn syllabus. Atta boy!

 13. Pray


“Dear God, please let me pass in this subject. I will study from day one from next semester, kasam se!”

…….and repeat it all just before the next semester exam 😀

Agree? Tag your vellapanti gang and let us know what you guys do!

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