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13 Things You Will Relate To If You Are A Socially Awkward Person


13 Things You Will Relate To If You Are A Socially Awkward Person

There is an extreme extrovert,there is extrovert, then there is amiable, there is introvert and then there is socially awkward! They are the intriguing personas who add some spice to our lives. Many-a-times they are taken in the wrong way, but believe me, they are nothing like what we assume them to be. And if you know such a person these 13 points will surely help you to understand them better.

1. You become the ‘Curious Case’ wherever you go

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You are the Hermione Granger with the only difference being that your questions remain in the place of their origin

2. Where people are busy in the usual work and relationships, you belong to a whole new world

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You find them frivolous and think of all this as such a waste of time!

3. You hate social gatherings.

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People make you feel claustrophobic. For you, freedom is some quality time with yourself!

4. People dont get you most of the time.

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You always do the apt reasoning for every occurring which makes you the matured one!

5. You are not a party animal and many-a-times you become the spoilsport.

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You cannot shake a leg like others or be weirdly crazy but hey! You got your head on your shoulders, right?

6. You try to be as far as possible from people who are too loud

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Blah Blah Blah…And run for your life!

7. Expressing becomes tougher than Rocket Science!

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Being all mushy and cheezy is just not your cup of tea.

8. You have a handful friends.

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And they are the true ones.

9. You hate situations where you have to strike a conversation.

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And you are like “Why God Why!”

10. You have the guts to call a spade a spade which often makes you rude!

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Well people, the word you should look for is ‘straightforward’!

11. And some even consider you as a psycho!

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‘Different’ is something that people dont get.

12. But when people get to know you better you become their shrink.

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You are the only one who has the understanding power.

13. You may be quite different from most of the people but what makes you special is YOU!

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You are honest and you dont go by the societal norms but whatever you do you just do it for the betterment of others and happiness for yourself. Stay You!

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