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14 Lies That Everyone Tell Their Parents During Teenage!!!

14 Lies That Everyone Tell Their Parents During Teenage!!! RVCJ Media


14 Lies That Everyone Tell Their Parents During Teenage!!!

We all defiantly love our parents, but due to some silly reason we sometimes tend to tell them a lie. Especially when we were a teenage, we must have told ample of lies for which we have been guilty to tell our parents. Let’s check few of them bellow:

1. “Mummy, mai pooja ke yahan group study karne jaa rahi hun.”


2. “Ye sab teacher ki galti hai, wo hamesha mere saath aisa karti hai and kam marks deti hai. She loves the first ranker and thus bias to me.”


3. “kya mom aaj kaise chicken khati? Mujhe yaad hai aaj thrusday hai.”


4. “Nahi mom, main usse koi relationship me nahi hun, I hardly know that guy!

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5. “Mujhe to beer ki smell hi pasand nahi hai. Pina to dur ki baat hai.”


6. “Aaj raat ko pakka jaldi aa jaunga mom, please let me go”


7. “Nop, dad I didn’t drink, I puked just because I ate some bad food.”


8. Our college has arranged for a holiday… of course, it’s only girls’ trip!


9. See mom what Natasha gifted me. I haven’t bought this!


10. I hardly eat at a joint outside. I know they are bad for health.


11. “Wow mom! Family get-togethers are so cool” ***so boring


12. “Kuch nahi khaya hai baahar, bas pet bhara sa lag raha hai”


13. “Stomach upset, I think I can’t attend my classes today”


14. “Kasam se mom, I never lie to you.”


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