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14 Things All Engineers Go Through During Their College Life

14 Things All Engineers Go Through During Their College Life RVCJ Media


14 Things All Engineers Go Through During Their College Life

Engineering students are like those people who leave their precious 4 years of normal life and go into a movie world which is pretty much the same for every engineering college. The things that you expect to do and the ones you actually end up doing are just two extremities in college.
But this life has some magical in it which makes every student’s life different in its own way. Something words cannot define but just praise.

So here are 14 things all the engineers go through during their college life.

1. Movie’s college life is not the real thing at all

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2. Counter strike to feel rejuvenated

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3. Backlogs

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4. Fear of Ragging

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5. Respect for other streams than engineering

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6. Pain of having no Girlfriend

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7. Then the pain of having One

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8. Lab Vivas

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9. And then after Viva scenario 😛

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10. Maggi

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11. Attending exams without knowing the name of subjects either 😛

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12. Weed being the new Friend

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13. Knowing finally that whatever you study in these 4 years is affectless

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14. And finally the desperation of leaving college

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And then being depressed for leaving it 🙁

Being an engineer myself I feel that these going days are the best days of my life.
We get to learn a lot about life from these 4 years and finally come up discovering our interests and pursue them with the courage that this life gave us.
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