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15 Annoying Things That “Girls Having Boy As Bestfriend” Can Relate To!!!

15 Annoying Things That "Girls Having Boy As Bestfriend" Can Relate To!!! RVCJ Media


15 Annoying Things That “Girls Having Boy As Bestfriend” Can Relate To!!!

There is a reason why we all love our friends so much. They say, friends are God’s way of apologizing for our relatives! There are friends, and then there are close friends. And then there are the best friends. The ones we fondly call retards. Its all a bed of roses when you are Blair-Serena, Chandler-Joey. What happens when this best friend of yours is of opposite sex?

These  15 annoying things, my friend, are what happen.

1. “Are you two dating?”


Umm, no. We are NOT. End of story.

2. “But why aren’t you dating?”


Because we don’t want to? While we still are on the topic, why aren’t you labelled an idiot yet, haan?

3. Other girls hate you


Especially the ones that hit on your bestie. You’ve set impossible standards for them to reach.

4. “Dosti aur pyaar, fark kya hai yaar?”


Dosti is dosti aur pyaar is pyaar? Can I get you a dictionary?

5. You know way too much slangs for a girl


BC, MC is sub standard. You are a pro.

6. “Kuch toh pak raha hai”


You know what? Tu rehne de.

7. You are good friends with his best friends


So its a big family of many best friends.

8. Mostly, other guys don’t mess with you


Because you are 1+1 package. They mess with you, they mess with your best friend.

9. There is always one girl friend of yours with a major crush on your best friend


And she will endlessly torture you, asking you to set them both up. *ugh*Which leads to,

10. You’re a mean HR to any girl that wants to date him


Because no girl is ever good enough for your best friend, ever.

11.  He is your personal bodyguard


So you can drink like a barrel, and be rest assured that you’ll be safe with him.

12. Your family adores your best friend


Mommy loves him and Daddy has no problem with this boy. “Achcha ladka hai”

13. You’re single, mostly thanks to them


Because everybody automatically assumes you are dating, so potential boyfriends kind of back off.

14. Nobody will ever know how much you both mean to each other

Because for them, it will always be “You guys are so cute together, you should totally date!” “Trust me when I say this, you guys are in love. You just don’t know yet”.


Oh well.

15.  “You guys are so cute together”


One.More. Time.

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