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15 Interesting Things You Can Do With Facebook Messenger.!!

15 Interesting Things You Can Do With Facebook Messenger.!! RVCJ Media


15 Interesting Things You Can Do With Facebook Messenger.!!

Facebook is the world’s leading online social networking site based in Menlo Park, California, United States. Facebook was launched on 4th February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow Harvard College roommates. It has a user base of over 1.65 billion monthly active users. Facebook Messenger is one of its subsidiaries which was released in 2011. Messenger is an instant messaging service which provides voice, text and video communication. Presently, Messenger has about 1 billion active users. We decided to explore the hidden tricks and tips from the Facebook Messenger.

So, here presenting you 15 unknown and interesting things that can be done in Facebook Messenger.

1. Use Messenger without a Facebook account

Facebook provides a way to use Messenger without having an account. Just install the app and sign up with your mobile number.


2. There is a separate site for Messenger

Fed up of using routine FB site for messaging.? Here is an alternate way dedicated just for messaging.


3. Add nicknames and change colors for conversations


4. Mute notifications

If you are bored with the default ‘like’ emoji, there is an option to change it. You can also mute notifications for a specific time period


5. Share your exact location with your friends


6. Play Chess game

Just type “@fbchess play” or “@fbchess” to start a game of chess.


7. Send a daily random cute message to your friend

Type “@dailycute” and hit enter, Messenger will automatically send a cute image from Imgur.


8. Play slam dunk game

Just send a basketball emoji and click on the ball, slam dunk game will begin.


9. Share audio tracks using Spotify

Click on three dots and select Spotify to send some pleasant music to your friend.



10. Use Messenger as a boarding pass

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines gives its users an option for checking flight updates through Facebook Messenger. It can also be used as a boarding pass.


11. Use Messenger for more than one account

Go to settings, choose switch account option and add a new account.


12. Before sending pics you can doodle them

Click on send image and select the doodle option to edit an image.


13. Install third party app for Messenger like Bitmoji, Spotify, Flipboard

Click on the three dots in the Messenger app at the right bottom corner to get a list of apps.


14. Make payment using Messenger

You can pay/ send money to your friends using Messenger. However, this option is yet to be implemented in India. To make a payment click on three dots and choose “Payments”.


15. Book a Uber cab

To book a cab click on three dots and select “Transportation”. Indians have to wait some more time for this option to roll out.


Image Source: Google Images

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