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15 Psychological Facts About Humans Which Are Quiet Unbelievable But True


15 Psychological Facts About Humans Which Are Quiet Unbelievable But True

The human brain is very complex and its psychology is even more complex. It’s hard to understand a human being just by looking or knowing him. One needs much more attention than that but once you crack that code you’ll realize that almost all the brains in the world behave in a similar manner.

Here are some psychological facts about human which are quite interesting, unbelievable but true.

1. According to studies, if you announce your goals to a lot of people, you are less likely to succeed as you lose motivation.

2. If you want to catch a lie, look at the person closely and observe. A person tends to look at his left while telling a lie.

3. Averagely a person has only 3-5 friends and he usually hates one person in his social group.

4. If you think that a heartbreak can’t kill you, you are wrong. A person can die of heartbreak and it is called stress cardiomyopathy.

5. Your favorite song is your favorite because you have associated an emotional event with it.

6. Depressed? Sing. Yes, studies show that singing can significantly reduce your depression and anxiety level.

7. Psychologists say that the longer you hide your feelings from someone, the more tend to fall in love with him.

8. Studies prove that comedians and sarcastic people are actually the most depressed being on earth.

9. How can you make sure that a person is crying of happiness or not? Well, when a person cries tears of happiness the first tear comes from the right eye while the tear of sorrow or pain comes from left eye first.

10. Closing your eyes helps you remember things more clearly, that is why you close your eyes during exams to recollect the answers.

11. Around 70% of your dreams contain secret messages. Dreams are sometimes more meaningful than your actual thoughts.

12. If a person is good at sarcasm and understands it, he is also good at reading peoples’ minds.

13. Your body cells react to your every thought. That is why you fall sick if there is too much negativity in your thoughts.

14. If a person is a good liar, he tends to detect others lies more easily.

15. Swearing might be unethical but people who swear a lot are more loyal and upfront.

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