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15 Reasons Why Elder Sisters Are The Best!!

15 Reasons Why Elder Sisters Are The Best!! RVCJ Media


15 Reasons Why Elder Sisters Are The Best!!

Siblings will always be our first best friends. As much as elder siblings torture the living hell out of younger ones, there is nobody else in the world that can be as protective and supportive as them.
Here are fifteen reasons why elder sisters are so awesome!

 1. She taught you how to work around parents’ rules 😉


10 PM curfew? Oh well, you can come home at 10 30 PM and “Uff eh traffic! Didi bhi traffic mein phasi hui hai 🙁 ” You want to throw a party but can’t tell that to mommy? “Dinner mumma, obviously!” Plus, when to get the waterforce to work 😉

 2. She always gives you THE real talk


“OMG get my shoes off your ogre feet!” “Kameena lag raha hai, careful raho” “Aur ek hazaar chaahiye? ” “It’s okay, you’ll move on. You’ll heal” “DO NOT TOUCH MY LIPSTICK!”

 3. You know how to be competitive, and not be a mean b*tch while being so

giphy (4)

She taught you a hundred manipulative ways of getting your way. Or hers, while teaching you. “Mummy ko bata duungi” “Agar tune daddy se kuch bola toh” *stares dead into your eyes while cold shivers pass down your spine*

 4. She educated you about the weird, confusing world of girls


First crush, first lipstick, infatuation, that gorgeous jerk – you’ve dealt with all of them. Thanks to your sister’s melodrama and outbursts, you know  how to handle these. Plus, she has and will stand by you through them all.

 5. Your inside jokes


The inside jokes you both share know no boundaries – on parents, on cousins, on mutual friends. The jokes span over years and you still laugh at them like they all happened yesterday.

 6. She taught you anger management


Most often than not, you have been each other’s punch bags. So you know exactly what to do when someone comes home with raging hormones and a bad, bad temper.

 7. Your parents are easy on you


If your elder sister was the wild one rebelling her youth giving minor heart attacks and major headaches to your parents, then your little escapades will mostly be treated lightly by your parents. They’ve seen worse. *smirk* . Well if she was the well behaved role model of a kid, you already have her backing you up. She’ll always be on your team when its you versus parents. Its a win-win, really.

 8. Teachers love you (mostly)

giphy (2)

..if your sister and you studied in the same school. She got good grades, had a good reputation. That puts you, the little sibling in all the teachers’ good books.

 9. She introduced you to good music and all things cool

giphy (6)

And made sure you never listened to crappy music. You knew THE good music way before your peers did. While they listened to annoying teenage music, you were belting David Guetta, the Beatles, and for all we know, the BSB. You knew sitcoms and Game of Thrones way before your bestie did. So much win.

 10. New wardrobe (well)


All the time. As much as she wants to rip you apart for using almost all her clothes, she will lend you her lucky little black dress for your first date. You can rummage through her wardrobe for a quick fix on Mondays. (and any other day, really)

 11. You are always doted upon


By her friends. You’re the little one that gets pampered. Plus, if her single guy friends are cute, well hello, eye candy 😉

 12. She is your ATM


“Didi, birthday party!” “Didi, shoes chaaiye 🙁 ” “Didi, paisa :(” She always has you covered.

 13. She listens to you


And keeps your secrets the way they should be. You sneaked in late at night? Sssh. Got drunk out of your brains and need someone to pick you up home? “Hello didi?” *passes out*. Well she is there 🙂

 14. She protects you


From all things. Well almost all things she thinks is wrong for you – her super hot new friend from law school, too much daaroo, mommy ki gaaliyaan etc.

 15. She’s your best friend.


She’ll always be there to drown in the mutual misery that your parents inflict on you, she will stand by you and tend to your broken heart (and break the jawline of the boy that broke it), happily share her life stories and give you unlimited gyaan on handling yourself. Basically, having an elder sister makes your life that much more easier.

Tag your sister here and let her know how much you love her 🙂 😀


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