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15 Reasons Why North East Indians Are Not Indians

15 Reasons Why North East Indians Are Not Indians RVCJ Media


15 Reasons Why North East Indians Are Not Indians

East-India India has always been a region sidelined. It has often figured low on the list of priorities. It’s historical as well as cultural significance has been downplayed and understated more often than not. Although, the government, of late, has been putting in considerable effort towards giving the region its due importance and status, there still remains a vast chunk of the Indian populace who believe the East-Indian region not to be a part of India and its people, immigrants. Benighted as these people are, they often try to guard their beliefs by putting forth reasons which are utter absurd. Some of these are mention-worthy, merely for producing laughter and derision of course.

1. There aren’t any famous temples in East-India

Did you just say that? Have you lost it? Ever heard of the Kamakhya Temple, one of the oldest shaktipiths? Forget it; have you ever been to any temple all your life? C’mon, you can tell me. I’m good at keeping secrets.


2. Your region finds no mention in the Hindu mythology

Thank you. By saying that, you just established your dreadful knowledge about Hindu mythology. Let me help you. Kalika Purana mentions Rukmini, the wife of Lord Krishna to be of Bhismaknagar of Arunachal Pradesh. I can bombard you with many more references but I got work tomorrow. Why don’t you look it up yourself? You aren’t offended, are you?


3. Many people of East-India themselves consider the region to be a part of another country

Whoa! Go slow. Stop putting your words in my mouth. Well, that way, scores of Kashmiris want independence. Why are you mum on that my dear friend?


4. You don’t celebrate Independence Day or Republic Day, do you?

Weirdo! Have you been drinking? Don’t you know that the Britishers have left more than 60 years ago? Or is it that you are still living in the colonial hangover?


5. You people don’t know the Hindi language

Yeah! Exactly! That’s precisely why most of the Hindi Daily soaps make absolutely no sense to us. Anyway, do you know the acclaimed Bollywood actor Adil Hussain who hails from Assam?


6. The region has zero contribution to India’s GDP

Are you new to Earth? Has your flying saucer just landed? The state of Assam alone accounts for nearly 55% of India’s total tea production and is the single largest tea producing area in the world. Now, don’t ask me how big the Indian Tea Industry is or are you actually going to ask? Duh! Get some life dude!


7. Bollywood movies don’t talk about East-India

Big thing! Ain’t it? Bollywood movies never talk about you either. Does that mean you don’t exist? And, by the way, films like Chak De! India and Mary Kom do speak about the region. These movies are a bit intellectual though. No wonder you haven’t watched them.


8. Cricket isn’t played in the region

Give me a break dude! You sound primitive. Assam has got its own Ranji Team. Okay, take this yorker. Not much cricket is played in the USA. Does it make USA less important a nation than England?


9. Bollywood movies get a delayed release in the region

Do you live in a shell? Come out of the hiding moron. All Hindi movies get an ‘All India release’ nowadays. Should I even explain to you what does that mean?


10. The features and looks don’t match with those of the rest of India

Has anyone ever tried to sow in your consciousness that what makes India great is its diversity? With more than 200 ethnic groups in the region, diversity is only a given. Grow up!


11. No participation in India’s war of Independence

First, tell me whether you had participated in the classroom discussions in school because if you had, you wouldn’t ask this farcical question. The likes of Kukhal Konwar and Kanaklata had jumped into the freedom struggle with as much grit and enthusiasm as any other freedom fighter.


12. No one from the region has brought pride to India

Oh yeah? Actually, you brought shame on yourself by saying that. Mary Kom, the famed boxer from Manipur is the first Indian woman to get a Gold Medal in the Asian Games in 2014 in Incheon, South Korea. She even has a Bollywood movie centered on her. Should I go on or stop?


13. There aren’t any premier education institutes in East-India

You’re still living many decades behind. Dibrugarh of Assam is the home to Assam Medical College, one of the oldest and finest medical colleges of the country. Also, IIM Shillong and IIT Guwahati draw a slew of people, students and academicians alike, from places far and wide.


14. The region doesn’t attract tourists

Yes, totally. Even more so if the tourist shares a knowledge base akin to yours. Kaziranga National Park and Manas Widlife Sanctuary of Assam are the UNESCO World Heritage sites with the former being the home to two-thirds of the world’s one-horned rhinoceroses. Will you still uphold your notion?


15. People of East-India stay confined to their own region

Where did that come from? Students of East-India go to various places to study. Moreover, a good deal of people also goes to India’s major cities looking for better career avenues. They easily fit into the so called ‘Mainland India’ just like any other Indian.


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