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15 Reasons Why Sachin Is The Greatest Batsman Of The Modern Era

15 Reasons Why Sachin Is The Greatest Batsman Of The Modern Era RVCJ Media


15 Reasons Why Sachin Is The Greatest Batsman Of The Modern Era

Sachin Tendulkar, a name that turned a game into a religion, a name that inspired millions. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, regarded as one of the greatest batsmen ever. The child prodigy who took up cricket at the age of 11, made his test debut against Pakistan in 1989. He has spent more than two decades on the field, made dozens of records. His contribution to the Indian cricket is unparalleled. For any kid who’s born in the 90’s, Sachin is a synonym for cricket. So many memories and a never ending nostalgia is attached with Sachin. Tendulkar is often compared with Don Bradman because they both shared a similar technique, even Bradman has acknowledged that. The right footwork, orthodox shots, right stance, best style to play, no loose shot selection, quick judgment of the ball, and many such qualities which have placed Tendulkar as the greatest batsman of the modern era. Many people will argue that since this era has produced many greats like Ricky Pointing, Brian Lara, Rahul Dravid and many more in the list to contend for the ‘greatest’ title.

Below are some of the reasons which prove why Sachin is the greatest batsman of the modern era.

1. In the 1989 debut test match against Pakistan, Sachin took a Waqar Younis snorter on this nose, he was bleeding profusely. You would expect a 16-year-old to walk back to the pavilion, and put an icepack on his nose, but this 16-year-old stayed at the crease, and said “MAIN KHELEGA”.


2. Sachin is the complete batsman ever produced by India. His technique, footwork, balance, shot selection was nearly perfect. The reason for his longevity is his adaption to the situations, his innovation like choosing upper cut rather than the pulls, constant modifications, and the technical adjustments.


3. Sachin has carried the burden of expectations for 24 years unlike any other player. The immense pressure from his fans, media, cricketing world has just brought out the best in him.


4. Sachin never had it easy, whether it’s the chronic back problem, the knee injury, ankle injury or the famous tennis elbow, nothing has ever stopped Sachin from bouncing back.


5. Sachin is a true gentleman of the game. Over his career of 24 years, he has not been involved in any controversy (he was declared clean in the ball tampering case). His humbleness, hard-work, dedication, commitment makes him a perfect role model for the youth.


6. In India Cricket and Bollywood are considered no less than a religion. And undoubtedly one man is responsible for turning a game into a religion, a man who has earned the title of ‘GOD’.


7. Sachin has inspired a generation of young and old alike. He’s the reason why many of the kids have chosen cricket as a career. Hell even parents want their children to become the next Tendulkar.


8. Form is temporary, class is permanent. This sums up the entire cricketing career of Sachin Tendulkar.


9. He’s hailed by the cricket followers, he’s a cricketing phenomenon. His aura commands hero worship. Believe me this legend has die-hard followers. Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary, the biggest Sachin fan has dedicated his entire life to support his idol and the Indian cricket team.


10. Not sure if SRT stands for Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar or Sachin RECORD Tendulkar! His extraordinary records reflect his greatness. Surely records are meant to be broken, but his records will stand the test of time.


11. This genius can stop the time in India! He can stop schools, colleges, public offices, governments! Being a 90’s kid I can say proudly that SACHIN MADE MY CHILDHOOD AWESOME!

Woh Din - A tribute to the 90's


12. He’s a superman in the flesh, his career spanned over 24 years. How often do you see any sportsman last that long? Staying consistent, maintaining fitness and keeping up the burning desire is what made Tendulkar the different from the rest.


13. These quotes on Sachin will prove how big of a sensation he truly is. Even the legends of the game acknowledge the greatness of Sachin.


14. Indian team is the only team where people would get excited at the fall of the second wicket. Sachin’s experience has always benefitted the Indian team. It was Tendulkar’s suggestion to make MSD the captain of Indian team after the disastrous performance at the 2007 WC.


15. Nation comes first. Sachin never played for stats, records, but for the victory of his team. His century in 1999 WC against Kenya is an evidence of his love for his country. Playing for India was always his first dream, to wear the Indian cap, and the Indian colors.


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