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15 Shocking Facts That’ll Make You Never Drink Coca-Cola Again!

15 Shocking Facts That’ll Make You Never Drink Coca-Cola Again! RVCJ Media


15 Shocking Facts That’ll Make You Never Drink Coca-Cola Again!

For more than a decade, there has been an ever increasing trend of soft drinks like Coca-Cola, Pepsi etc. And people intake them with so much of pleasure and even crave or demand for it. But have you ever thought even once as to how injurious are such things for your health? Perhaps NO; so here’s an article that would open your eyes with the bitter truth of Coca-Cola and we wish that you never ever drink it again!!

Let’s explore 15 shocking facts about the much-loved drink Coca-Cola:

1. If you want to clean rust from your pool, pour 4 liters of coke and it’s ready to use again.

4-Liters of Coca-Cola will clear rust in a pool

2. If you want to see your car battery terminals neat and tidy, just pour some coke and it will be done quickly.

car battery terminals

3. Want to clean the engine of your car? Use coke with elbow grease and your engine would look absolutely new.

car's engine

4. Many people are exhausted cleaning blood stains from clothes but now, it’s not a thing to worry about; simply use coke and it will all be done!

Coca-Cola removes blood from fabrics and clothes

5. Can’t open a rusty bolt? Here too coke can help you greatly! Use it the next time you face this problem and see the magic!

Coca-Cola will loosen rusty bolts for you

6. Fed up with burnt utensils and can’t wait to wipe the burnt stuff out? 

Coke will clean out the burnt stuff from pans

Use little coke and leave the pot for the night. The very next morning, the utensil which seemed to be never completely cleaned will shine.

7. Quite often, we get grease stains in clothes and in this situation too, Coca-Cola is of a great use.

Coke will get rid of grease stains from fabrics

8. Has gum stuck to your hair? Soak it for nearly 15 minutes in a saucer of glass of coke and see the magic… It’ll wipe out straight away.

gum stick to hair

9. Coke is one of the best solutions for those who are not satisfied with their dye job. 

hair color

If you want to get the previous hair color back, get hair soaked in Diet Coke due to which even the “permanent” hue also vanishes off.

10. If there are children at home and they make a mark on carpet with a marker, don’t worry! 

marker stains from carpet

Simply pour little Coca-Cola and scrub using soap. Your carpet will be stainless!!

11. Coca-Cola has the power of stripping paint from any metal surface. 

metal surface

For this, you only need to soak a cloth in the drink and lay it where there are paint marks. After an hour or two, remove it and you’ll be shocked to see that a major part is removed. You can easily remove the remaining ones.

12. Since Coca-Cola is high on acids, it can very efficiently kill slugs and snails.

snails and slugs

13. Cleaning of tile grout is among the most difficult tasks and this is where coke can help you a lot. 

tile grout

Pour it on the floor and leave for a minute of two and all the dirt will be removed.

14. One of the greatest reasons not to drink Coca-Cola is that it is one of the best toilet cleaners and can make your toilet bowl perfectly spotless. 


15. Folks like and drink coke a lot but do you know that when a tooth is placed in a sealed coke container, it will be completely dissolved. SHOCKING!!


It would not be wrong to consider Coca-Cola as a cleaner that we can use to clean various objects as well as kill insects. But this is something we drink so willingly. Is it really worth taking and to what extent is it good for our body? What do you think about it? Share your views in the comments section.


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