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15 Things You Can Relate To Only With Your Bestfriend

15 Things You Can Relate To Only With Your Bestfriend RVCJ Media


15 Things You Can Relate To Only With Your Bestfriend

Best friends are the best for a reason. They are always around for the little extra – food, drama, affection and fun 🙂 Here we list 15 things that you can do relate with your bestfriend.

 1. Your best friend knows everything – your family issues, your financial issues, your *ahem* poop issues.


No information is too much information.

 2. The object of your mutual hatred is the same.

lets hate her

There is always that one person you both hate with a passion 🙂

 3. You convey your emotions through a look, or discreet gestures as subtle as an eye contact and a twitch


There is no need of words here.

 4. You can act all the drunk you want


…while your best friend knows you really aren’t that drunk yet. Flirt one, you are hopeless.

 5.  Your super boring repetitions of how amazing your crush is.


We all will get bored and walk away after  a while, but your bestfriend will sit and listen, even when you tell them the same story a billionth time. “OMG HE IS SO CUTE YA!!” *groans*

 6. First kiss


…first everything else that follows. *ahem* You can give word to word of it all and disgust the living hell out of them, but they will still HAVE to know it all 😉

 7. Your sinful past


..of one night stands, failed exams, non-requited love and more. Only your bestfriend has the authority to know that you are screwed up and how!

 8. Your secrets


Like every little secret starting from how you have mommy issues to that you are irrationally scared of pigeons.

 9. Your medical issues


Yes, nausea to poop problems. Heck, you can even discuss your suspiciously missing inner wear and they will sympathize 🙁 (or not). We almost pity your best friend.

 10. The evil Satanic bitch in you


When you are being supremely sweet to someone you hate with all your guts, lungs and liver, your best friend knows what exactly is cooking in the evil head of yours.

 11. The “What am I doing in my life?” talk


..innumerable times. You can talk and talk and talk and talk and ta..

 12. Your inappropriate fantasies


That you dream will come true some day. This includes discussion of your sex life (if you have one).

 13. Ask and borrow their stuff like you own them


Clothes. Gadgets. Vehicles.

 14. Land at their place unannounced


Your parents have illegally adopted them and likewise.

 15. Be yourself


Your annoying, gross, damaged yet, true self 🙂 And they love you 🙂

Go ahead, let your bestie know how much you love them 🙂 Yaar, tag kar!

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