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15 Types Of Bollywood Selfies So That You Can Copy Their Style!!!

15 Types Of Bollywood Selfies So That You Can Copy Their Style!!! RVCJ Media

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15 Types Of Bollywood Selfies So That You Can Copy Their Style!!!

Thanx to the social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram and Snapchat that has made the selfies so popular. You can just do a pose, add effect and post the raw pic on the social media. But, do you know Bollywood stars have also done it with several types & styles? Yes, you got it right! Read the article to know the types of Bollywood Selfies.

1. A Pout Selfie type can be shot by making a duckface. Just tilt the head little and do a click! This is very popular with Bollywood stars, in fact even with guys.


2. You can check Mirror Selfie of some poular Bollywood stars like Jacqueline Fernandez, Arjun Kapoor & Sonakshi Sinha. Don’t ever dare to keep the flash on!!


3. Foodie Selfie can be clicked while you have something mouth-watering in your hand. Just before you start eating the food do a selfie with it!


4. None other than Poonam Pandey has made the type of Bathroom Selfie popular by adding her pics on twitter. But, I am sure you won’t like to share any bathroom selfie with all.

15 Types Of Bollywood Selfies So That You Can Copy Their Style!!! RVCJ Media

5. Do workout selfie sessions like Sonam Kapoor & Sonakshi Sinha before you have entered or just while leaving with all that sweat on your body and face.


6. Goofy selfie has become popular with the clicks of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. They do loads of silly, goofy, quirky faces and keep trying with several funny expressions that surely looks damn ‘cute’.


7. Vacation selfie to banta hai! Do these like the star Priyanka Chopra to show how you are enjoying, sleepless nights, and beach location to make your friends envy you.


8. Celeb Selfie can be taken while you get to meet any of your favourite stars. This is very popular now even more than autographs. The trendiest selfi of all!


9. Couple selfie are often posted on social medias of Saif Ali Khan with Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kushal Tandon with Gauahar Khan who want to show off their love to the public.


10. Group selfie is taken at any random time when you have huge number of people. This is very popular at award shows, party or at colleges.


11. Alia Bhatt has made the most use of pet selfie who always has her little pet with different poses.


12. Ye! You got it right, even feet selfie have been captured by actress like Anushka Sharma and Priyanka Chopra.

13. The body Selfie is often posed with someone with the best to show like John Abraham. This can be taken at home or gym to show off the abs.


14. Predictable selfie is captured when the person is trying to act as if he doesn’t know about it. O! come on! Candid, you can say!


15. Collage selfie needs a little effort for the editing part to make collage. Sigh, you have loads of time it seem!


Which one is hottest & best selfie in this list according to you? Share in comments section below

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