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15 Weird Thoughts That Come Up In Your Mind Before Hooking Up With Someone New.


15 Weird Thoughts That Come Up In Your Mind Before Hooking Up With Someone New.

This is the beauty of our brain, we can multi task. But is it always useful. I am sure this must have happened to you before. You meet this gorgeous person somewhere and things are going really well for you, but suddenly your mind wanders off to your own little weird place. You start over thinking and mind playing. I think these are pretty much everyone thoughts when it comes to hooking up with someone new.

1. What if you smell?

Bad smell can be a huge turn off and it just gives the vibes of unhygienic body. I won’t judge you if you try to calculate by looking at them if they had a bath or not?

2. What if I smell?

Even after having a nice bath and downing that expensive perfume before the date, what if I still smell bad?

3. What if you are a tongue attacker?

You are ready to have your first kiss and there comes a wet slushy tongue your way and meets your lips before anything.

4. What if your mouth tastes like garlic?

I mean I don’t mind extra garlic, of course but here?

5. What at if you have a dirty apartment?

A line of dirty clothes, cigarette butts on the floor, old pizza boxes in the corner. Webs and coffins in the corner?

6. What if you are a psychopath?

What if you are a crazy person who takes dates home and skins them and makes perfume out of it?

7. What if I eat or drink too much now and have to poop later?

The menu looks amazing and you a little too much to eat, but what if you have to poop in a Stranger’s apartment for the first time you meet them?

8. What if you do pda?

I mean it’s not something that I am against but we have not even kissed in private yet, what if you at the wrong moment and I have to push you off?

9. What if you are a sweaty person?

Being passionate is a yes! But I don’t want to lie in a pool all night.

10. What if you have weird fetish?

What if you have this really weird fingers fetish?

11. How would you look naked?

The music is pretty dull, and your date goes to ask for a drink. You can see mind wander off to imagine how they would look naked.

12. What if you say I love you after being intimate?

The biggest per of all, what if you say you like me or about to fall in love with me. I do not want to have this conversation so soon.

13. Are we going to cuddle?

What if you a big cuddler and umn, I’m not sure if i am one? What we lay there the whole night awkwardly not sleeping.

14. What if you sleep in the middle of it?

What if are just going at it and you sleep, man that would be weird.

15. What if you are a really loud person?

I mean there can’t be any assurances; you seem quite nice and polite right now. But what if you shout or abuse in bed?

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