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15 YouTube Tricks You Should Know Right Away.!!


15 YouTube Tricks You Should Know Right Away.!!

YouTube was founded by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. It is a global video-sharing site with thousands of videos on every single topic. It was acquired by Google in November 2006 for a huge amount of US $ 1.65 Billion. YouTube allows users to view, rate, share, and comment on videos. With the new “offline” feature, YouTube is successful in targeting low-speed internet users. When it comes to any internet website there are some hidden tips and tricks.

Here presenting you 15 tricks of YouTube that every user must know.

1. Now you can play YouTube videos on loop

To enable this option, right-click on the mouse/touchpad and select loop video will repeat itself.


2. Watching videos in theatre mode

Watching YouTube Videos in full screen is a very good option but we no longer have the access to other tabs in the browser. So here is a Trick to it.


Replace “watch?v= ” with “v/” in a YouTube URL to switch it to full-screen theatre mode.


After Replacing “watch?v= ” with “v/


3. Save for later

Did you come across a video which is interesting but you don’t have time to watch it? No problem,  YouTube lets you save it to watch later. You can watch all the save for later videos in one tab whenever you have time. To add to watch later click on “Add to” and check “watch later” option.


4. Use YouTube only with your keyboard

Bored of using mouse/touchpad? Here is the solution for your boredom, YouTube provides a keyboard-only option where you can navigate, select, search and watch videos of your interest. To enable this option, go to the following URL : “”.


5. Keep your YouTube account private

If you don’t want other users to find your liked videos, subscriptions and playlist then head over to “” and change your account settings accordingly.


6. Keyboard shortcuts

  • ‘k’ is used to play/pause the video.
  • ‘i’ is used to fast-forward a video by 10 sec.
  • ‘j’ is used to rewind the video by 10 sec.
  • Press ‘0’ to go to the beginning of the video.
  • Press 1 to 9 to go to its corresponding percentage. i.e hit ‘5’ to directly jump to 50% of the video.
  • ‘m’ to mute the video.

7. Change the video playback speed

There is an option to slow down the video and also to increase the speed by 1.25X, 1.5 X, 2X etc. This option is presently available only on desktop and not on the mobile app.


8. Default video playback quality

Are you annoyed of selecting different quality for different videos? Then go to “” and select the default playback quality. Depending upon your internet speed the best quality is offered by YouTube. You can further choose annotations and caption settings also.


9. Disable autoplay option

If you wish to stop the autoplay option on YouTube just click on the autoplay option on the right top corner.


10. Starting your video from a particular time

This option is very much useful for embedding a video from a specific time. To do this just add “#t=specifictime” at the end of the video URL. For example, “#t=39s” or “#t=1m56s”. We can also get it by doing a right-click on the video at a specific time and select “Get video URL at current time” option.


11. Convert YouTube videos into ‘gif’

All you have to do this is add ‘gif’ in front of youtube in the URL, it will take you to the GIF maker. For example, if the URL is “” then after adding ‘gif’ it becomes “”


12. Search by #artistname to get a collection of videos by that artist


13. Add Musixmatch free Chrome extension to overlay lyrics from the famous music videos


14. Download videos from Youtube

To download any YouTube video just replace “Youtube” with “ssyoutube” in the URL of the video.

For example: Let the URL of the video be “” now to download it just replace “youtube” with “ssyoutube” i.e.  “” you will be redirected to the following page.


15. Type ‘Use the force Luke‘ in the search bar of YouTube and see the magic


Image Source : YouTube

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