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16th Day Collections Of Dangal Are Out! It Will Break The Biggest Record Soon!

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16th Day Collections Of Dangal Are Out! It Will Break The Biggest Record Soon!

Before breaking records, Aamir tried to break some stereotypes in Dangal. He very well essayed the character of a motivating father who toiled hard to make his daughters Geeta and Babita reach heights of success.

We have often seen stars giving their best for their respective roles, but in Dangal, Aamir’s acting has crossed all limits of perfection. The pains and efforts that he took are reflecting in the collections. It has been 16 days since the movie released but it’s still ruling like a king.

On the 15th day, Dangal beat the lifetime collections of Bajrangi Bhaijaan and now, the only record left is that of PK. Let’s see how much the movie has minted on its 16th day…

Wow, double digit on a Saturday is just so amazing. The movie garnered 10.80 crores taking the total to 330.96 crores. Just 10 crores more and it will beat PK to become the highest grosser of all time!

Day 1- Rs. 29.78 crores

Day 2- Rs. 34.82 crores

Day 3- Rs. 42.41 crores

Day 4- Rs. 25.69 crores

Day 5- Rs. 23.09 crores

Day 6- Rs. 21.20 crores

Day 7- Rs. 20.29 crores

Day 8- Rs. 18.59 crores

Day 9- Rs. 22.72 crores

Day 10- Rs. 31.27 crores

Day 11- Rs. 13.45 crores

Day 12- Rs. 10.46 crores

Day 13- Rs. 9.23 crores

Day 14- Rs. 9.12 crores

Day 15- Rs. 6.66 crores

Day 16- Rs. 10.80 crores

Total- Rs. 330.96 crores

Do you think the movie would break the record on Sunday? There are good chances of breaking because on Saturday the movie could make Rs 10 crores possible and hence, things will become all the more easy on Sunday.

What’s your view on this? Do share in our comments section below…

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