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17-Yr YouTuber Crashes Father’s Rs 25 Crore Supercar While Shooting A Video


17-Yr YouTuber Crashes Father’s Rs 25 Crore Supercar While Shooting A Video

YouTube, the video platform, is one of the best ways to earn money and become famous. Many people from all over the world try their luck but sometimes while shooting videos, they commit such mistakes which even put their lives to risk.

Gauge Gillian, the 17 years old YouTuber, not only risked his and his friend’s lives but also destroyed his father’s super car worth Rs. 25 crore. It all happened when Gillian crashed 3.4 million Pagani Huayra Roadster car in the city of Texas, USA, while shooting a video.

Though Gauge Gillian has taken down the video which was shot before the accident, he posted a video in which he informed his followers about the accident and his injuries. He appreciated the carmakers and told that he was making a video with his friend Zack. He accepted that accident happened because of his mistake as sometimes people like him forget that these cars are very powerful. He said that though he increased the speed after leaving his house, he was under the speed limit of 40 miles/hour. He lost control of the car when he turned to left as he didn’t want to go on the bridge which was on the right, it was then the car overturned and hit the tree.

Gauge was thankful to the God for being alive and he also gave a message to those who were trolling him by saying that car can be replaced but he can’t be replaced. He also informed that his friend Zack Walker got injuries at collar bone and tongue. Gillian revealed that at the accident spot, he saw people picking up the parts of the car for the purpose of earning some money by selling them.

Here is the video in which Gauge Gillian informs about his accident:

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Watch the video in which Gauge’s friend Zack talked about his experience of the accident:

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Gauge Gillian has taken a break from social media as of now and we are quite hopeful that others will learn a lesson from this incident and be careful in the future.

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