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18 Worst Bollywood Movies Names That You Must Have Ever Come Across

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18 Worst Bollywood Movies Names That You Must Have Ever Come Across

Movie names are something that can’t be compromised upon. They need to be crisp and clear so that the audience gets a good idea about what the story is going to be.
However, there have been many occasions where Bollywood shown that it is facing a name crunch. Yes, we have come across some of the weirdest movie titles that we never even imagined in our dreams.
When we first heard these bizarre names, who the hell finalized them! Well, these titles are senseless & God knows why they were used. Here’s a list of 18 such names which are hard to digest.

Here is a list of some Bollywood movies whose names are too weird.

1. Really??  Irrfan Khan starred Mr.100%


2. A Huge Amount!


3. The Three Things…


4. Thoda Roomani Nana


5. Paseena Needed!


6. Wait! It’s Rented.


7. But why outside the changing room? :/

sasti dulhan

8. He’s All Mine!

mera pati


9. In Cinemas Now

maut ka bulawa

10. The Turning.

khon mehndi

11. Life In Danger For The Dead


12. Why, Just Why?


13. Same As The Life Of Most Of Us.


14. Nothing Without Dance

jal bin machli

15. ‘Diya’ In Hand


16. Such A Donkey


17. Need Many

ek se mera

18. Hmm, Good Advice!


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