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19 Of Your Favorite Superheroes Then & Now


19 Of Your Favorite Superheroes Then & Now

New technologies, new trends, new looks, new actors, new directors contribute to the formation of The all new superheroes. The upgraded versions of all superheroes according to the new trend, may look good to many but there exist few people who like the old, classic superheroes and for those people, the updated version of the superheroes are not superheroes anymore.

Which kind of person are you? Check our list of the Superheroes Then & Now & Do not forget to share with your friends and ask them that which one they like the most.

11. Hulk 1978 And 2012


12. Nick Fury 1998 And 2012


13. The Flash 1990 And 2016


14. Fantastic Four 1994 And 2015

fantastic 4

15. Exo-Man 1977 And Iron Man 2008


16. Doctor Strange 1978 And 2016

doctor strange

17. Catwoman 1966 And 2012


18. Captain America 1990 And 2016

capt america

19. Batman 1943 And 2016


Images Source: Google Images, Twitter, Pinterest, CNN.

These are incredibly different from their older versions. Let us know your comments about the article, Please write in the comments below.

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