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19 Of Your Favorite Superheroes Then & Now


19 Of Your Favorite Superheroes Then & Now

New technologies, new trends, new looks, new actors, new directors contribute to the formation of The all new superheroes. The upgraded versions of all superheroes according to the new trend, may look good to many but there exist few people who like the old, classic superheroes and for those people, the updated version of the superheroes are not superheroes anymore.

Which kind of person are you? Check our list of the Superheroes Then & Now & Do not forget to share with your friends and ask them that which one they like the most.

1. Wonder Woman 1975 And 2017

wonder woman

2. Wolverine 2000 And 2013


3. Thor 1978 And 2015


4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1993 And 2016

teenage mutant ninja turtle

5. Superman 1948 And 2016


6. Supergirl 1984 And 2015

super girl

7. Spider-Man 1977 And 2016

spider man

8. Robocop 1987 And 2014


9. Power Rangers 1993 And 2017

power ranger

10. Joker 1966 And 2016


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