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2.0 Movie Review: The Film Manages To Meet Audience Expectations

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2.0 Movie Review: The Film Manages To Meet Audience Expectations

The film that India has been waiting for for years, has finally hit screens near you today. 2.0, which is also the costliest film that India has produced, created an uproar even before it was released.

To say that the film which stars Rajinikanth is entertaining is an understatement. The film has all the glamour and glitz that you would expect from him, which is coupled with fantastic 3D and VFX effects.

There is no doubt about the fact that it Rajinikanth is indeed the glue that holds each scene together. We see him in a number of avatars, including Vaseegaran (a scientist), Kutty Chitti or the 3.0 version and Evil Chitty, Good Chitty or the 2.0 version.

Akshay Kumar appears much later in the film actually, as the Pakshi Raja, and he has a pretty significant role to play in the second half of the film after the interval.

But then again, the film is disappointing in some aspects. You’d expect that a film which has created such a hype would have a better storyline or treatment of characters. But the film has a rather linear plot, without twists and is lacking in that X Factor. It is almost as if director Shankar was too engrossed in packing VFX effects, and forgot to focus on the plot progression.

We aren’t giving you spoilers, don’t worry!

The storyline is rather simple and precise. It tells the story of how technology can take a toll on a simple, straightforward fellow whose main goal in life is to provide justice through vigilantism. Shankar has also managed to incorporate a relevant social message in the film – that we’d prefer technology over spending quality time with the ones we love.

The film also has excellent comic timing, and Rajinikanth is seen taking a dig at the superstars of today, who are fighting in the race to the top. The style, the swagger and the attitude of our Rajni in the film is to die for. It is sure to have die hard fans hooting and clapping in the theatres.

What we really appreciated about the film was the fact that it did not waste screen time on cheesy masala item numbers. Instead there is only one song, ‘Enthira Logathu Sundariya’ which comes at the end.

We rate the film 3.25 out of 5, since the 3D effects are commendable and there is no one but Rajinikanth who could have pulled this off.

Taking inspiration from Holywood, eh?

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