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I Have 2 Girlfriends & Both Love Me Madly. I Am Confused Whom To Choose & How To Say NO To One

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I Have 2 Girlfriends & Both Love Me Madly. I Am Confused Whom To Choose & How To Say NO To One

Very few people in this self-centered world are blessed with true love. God Cupid must be kind towards me that He blessed me with two beautiful girls who are madly and selflessly in love with me.

When I see my friends’ girlfriends seeking their advantage in monetary terms and show more affection when they want to take them for shopping, movies or any such gain, my heart fills with more respect and admiration for both my girlfriends who don’t expect anything other than love and loyalty from me.

But my bad.. I can’t give them just one thing they demanded. There’s no doubt that I love them both a lot but I am not loyal to either. This bitter truth often makes me feel guilty and now I think of myself as a culprit when I see their eyes sparkling with trust.

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I am a mechanical engineering student and my first girlfriend’s name is Ruchika. Her branch is computer science and I still remember the day when I saw her for the first time. She looked like an angel in a light pink top and white skirt and my heart jumped with joy when I got to know that she’s a distant relative of my friend Rishi. There was something different about her which was casting a magnetic pull and I felt like I was getting attracted towards her. We gradually became friends and our friendship soon turned into a relationship.

Talking about the other girl, her name is Aayesha and she lives near my PG. She’s studying B.Com and we became friends when I came here. We used to spend a lot of time together and slowly we reached a stage where we couldn’t imagine a day without each other. She proposed to me and I had no reason not to accept her proposal since I also loved her madly.

I give both of them equal time and love both equally. In college, I am Ruchika’s man and she has right on my every breath. We always do lunch together and often go to enjoy picnic, movies etc. After coming from college, I spend good time with Aayesha and we have dinner together. Post dinner, we have brisk walk and after returning to my room, I chat with both on WhatsApp. You must be wondering that in this era of technology, how is it possible that they don’t check my phone and know about each other. Well, I have two phones and two numbers.

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In the beginning, I did it all just for fun but now it’s been two years and I can’t cheat them anymore. Their love for me is true and I am afraid of looking into their eyes out of guilt of deception. I want to decide on either of them but I don’t know whom to choose and how to say NO to the other one because the one whom I will reject might go into depression and even take a drastic step.

Ruchika is pretty and a brilliant student; undoubtedly she has a bright future and if she becomes my counterpart, she will help me financially too. In short, we will have a lavish lifestyle as we both will be earning a good sum for sure.

Aayesha is an average student when it comes to studies and there are less chances that she would lend any financial support to me but she has a golden heart. She’s a family girl and I’m sure that she will be able to take the best care of me, my family and my future kids.

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It’s becoming difficult to select one and more I think about it, more I get confused. My soul trembles just with the thought of losing one but I have to make a decision now. I am not able to sleep neither have concentrate on studies. If this continues for some more time, I will get mad. Please suggest what to do, whom to choose and how to break truth to them. Your valuable advice can save three lives.

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