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20 Things Only An Engineer Can Relate To


20 Things Only An Engineer Can Relate To

They say, if you can survive four years of engineering, you can survive anything, absolutely anything. That is why, engineers all around the world have a collective sense of understanding. Here are things only an engineer can understand, and all engineers can relate to.

Fellow engineers, read along.

 1. Your sense of hearing is super sharp for anything that sounds like “food” “sutta” “daaroo” in the 100m radius.


Because they are the essentials to survive the said four years.

 2. Deadlines are defined as those boundaries of time when you have to start doing the said work that was supposed to have met the deadline by then.

So most times you’re like,


 3. When you can’t meet the said deadline, you’re like,


 4.You know the standard line when something doesn’t work right when you are presenting it.


“Software/OS/machine/karma is acting up sir, it was perfectly fine the last time I ran it” and you expertly show the latest log the working. We all know how we got there 😉

 5. Most times, you are either stoned, drunk or on your way to do so.

guy liquo

 6. When you attend classes after long/or after point 5,


 7. Your family expects you to repair TV/taps and mixer grinders.


 8. If you don’t, “What did you do in the four years of engineering? You’re not an engineer at all!” Even if you are a civil engineer.


9. When the code you wrote fully knowing will never work, works.




Enough said.

11. You learn the entire syllabus overnight.

Your knowledge goes from this


To this,

enhanced-buzz-13525-1374639573-33 (1)

12. 35% is just perfect, like perfect. Who cares who topped? Because,


13. You think non-science background don’t need to study bhai, bus vella.


14. Your lifestyle doesn’t have place for fitness/healthy eating.


 15. You have learnt to function on minimal sleep during the last days of the semester.


16. If you are a guy, you are territorial about your female friends/girlfriends if any, in the same college. Because, let’s face it. There is so much testosterone and so less estrogen.


 17. If you are a girl, you get so much attention, just so much attention. It can get nauseating.


18. You know you are good for nothing, but can behave like the Indian economy depends on you.


19. When you finally clear all logs and attend your graduation,


20. But you love, love, love engineering and wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the whole wide world! 🙂


*tears of happiness*

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