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20 Things Girls Do That Guys Find Extremely Attractive Or Cute


20 Things Girls Do That Guys Find Extremely Attractive Or Cute

There are so many things that girls unintentionally do and guys absolutely love them. Like offering to cook for them, sending them stupid selfies, not caring about their looks, showing up in a over-size shirt with no excess make-up and lots more. So, here’s the list of all the things girls do that guys like:

1. Making silly faces that guys find absolutely adorable.


2. When she eats and doesn’t care about how she looks

giphy (25)

3. Baking or cooking something delicious for him with lots of efforts.

giphy (24)

4. Randomly passing him cute genuine smiles, not the fake one. 😛

giphy (3)

5.  When she asks him for his advice on “Guy things”

giphy (29)

6. Showing up in an over-size shirt

giphy (20)

7. No make up!

giphy (22)

8. Good sense of humor. When the girl understands and laughs on his jokes, he finds it SUPER CUTE! Awesome in fact.

giphy (5)

9. When she does something embarrassing but laughs at it, instead of being mortified.

giphy (19)

10. When she does silly things and silly mistakes

giphy (10)

11. When she blushes

giphy (1)

12. When she makes his friends laugh too. Again, good sense of humor!

giphy (21)

13. When she plays with her hair while talking or thinking about something

giphy (14)

14. When she’s supportive, always on his side.

giphy (34)

15. When she’s open about natural things like…Periods! *Open Minded*

giphy (33)

16. When she talks about his favorite sport

giphy (11)

17. When she doesn’t mind him uploading a funny selfie *No tantrums*

giphy (31)

18. Sending him silly Dubsmash

giphy (30)

19. Teasing him and being witty

giphy (2)

20. When she doesn’t pretend but is herself.

giphy (37)
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