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20 Things That Happen In The Final Year Of College


20 Things That Happen In The Final Year Of College

Time flies. Before you know, you are in the final semester and are the senior most in college. The big question of “What next?” looms over your head. Scary?

Well, here are ten things that happen when you are in the final year in college.

 1. Photographs


SO.MANY.PHOTOGRAPHS. #Nostalgia #FinalYearSelfie  #MissYouGuys

 2. You suddenly are making amends with people


“Its okay, we are cool now”. You have buried the hatchet with most people whom you hated with a passion.

 3. You decide to study well and get good grades


With a desperate hope of making your GPA marginally respectable.

 4. Breakups are a everyday story


As couples are now worried about future and how they might not be together. Reality sucks.

 5. You think about the big bad world of responsibility and adult-ship with a sense of fear


 6. You spend more time with friends


Your parents are also so much more lenient now than ever.

 7. Teachers are also easy on you


They don’t grill you over missed assignments and tanked attendance.

 8. You wonder about how much you have changed


From being what you were to what you are.

 9. You freak out over how you are growing up too fast


And make bucket lists. You HAVE to seize the day NOW!

 10. You are weirdly nostalgic


Little things like going to the college cafeteria makes you weep with joy. I mean, its only two more months 🙁

 11. Plans of higher education is always around


That makes you anxious.

 12. You want to make as many memories as possible


 13. Your farewell party planning is ALWAYS on


 14. You start deciding on what to wear, and in shower you practice the speech you’ll deliver


 15. You will tell your juniors to not just study but to live it up


 16. You miss your seniors

miss you

Even the ones that made life hell.

 17. You try reasoning that there is Facebook and WhatsApp, and you’ll never really miss your friends

giphy (1)

 18. But heart of your heart, only you know how much its gonna suck when college life is over


 19. So you are always in on plans and not running away with stupid reasons


 20. Because at the end of the day,you know its an era  coming the end


Chalo, abhi tagging shuru karo 🙁 Graduation is coming 🙁

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