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20-Yr Student Took His Own Life During A Video Chat With Girlfriend. Here’s Why


20-Yr Student Took His Own Life During A Video Chat With Girlfriend. Here’s Why

It feels very bad when we get to see youngsters of the country committing suicide and giving up their lives for matters which would have been sorted out if they had shown some more courage and given themselves more time instead of getting panicked and impatient.

In a shocking incident, a 20-yr student named Ajmeer Sagar from Hyderabad committed suicide by hanging himself by a fan and the whole incident was watched by his girlfriend as she was on a video call with Sagar.

As per police, Sagar was a student of Industrial Training Institute (ITI) and he was staying at Vinayak Nagar, Neredmet with his sister and brother-in-law. However when he committed this act, he was alone at home.

If you remember, almost a month ago on Feb 18, a female management student committed suicide at her hostel at Kompally when she was having a video call with her boyfriend.

Sagar was in a relationship with a 19-yr B. Sc. (Nursing) student and they both even tried to run away in January because they wanted to get married against the wishes of their parents. However, their plans were foiled by their parents and after that, Sagar’s family started looking for a girl for the purpose of marriage.

Sub-inspector P Nagaraju from Neredmet police station said,

“On Wednesday morning, he texted his girlfriend saying he will be happy to die in front of her. He then did a WhatsApp video call to the girl and committed suicide by hanging during their chat.”

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Here’s The Video:

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The suicide video has already gone viral and in this video, two girls can be seen talking to Sagar as he stood on the chair. It seems as if the girls felt that it was just a prank but later when they realised that it was actually a suicide, one of them was heard screaming.

As Sagar was not taking calls, his sister came home from office and found his body hanging. She called police at 10:30 am; however, as per police, the suicide must have been committed an hour ago. Autopsy was done in Gandhi hospital and a case has been registered under Sec 174 of CrPC.

We feel sad for the family members of such youngsters who don’t value their lives.


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