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2014: The year of sequels for Bollywood!!!

2014: The year of sequels for Bollywood!!! RVCJ Media

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2014: The year of sequels for Bollywood!!!

The hindi film industry has seen a surge in the number of sequels released this year. 6 sequels have released this year and another one is in the offing.

According to trade analysts, Sequels are the lazy way of going about making a movie since they don’t have to gain appeal in any which way. They already have a steady following and it would be easier to attract the audience into the theater.

But, the point remains, lazy or not lazy, they work. And how! Many sequels have earned more than their predecessors did. And for a reason. Sequels, for a lot of people, mean seeing their favourite characters on the silver screen again!

Here are 7 Movie sequels that have either released or are going to be released this year.

1. Dedh Ishqiya

A movie executed very well. As good as its predecessor, if not better. It collected around 30 crores in the box office. A well made movie that performed better than expected.


2. Ragini MMS 2

Not the best movie, but there’s a lesson for everyone in this movie. Market your movies well and people will watch it! Sunny Leon’s two ‘item’ songs spurred the buzz and helped it collect around 45 crores in the Box Office, which considering its starcast is very very good.


3. Singham Returns

Singham was a smash hit! And when Singham returns was launched, a lot of buzz surrounded the movie! The movie was fairly decent. It could have been better but it definitely wasn’t a bad movie! The collections? Well it rocked the Box Office! Total collections grossing around 175 crores! A definite success!


4. Bhoothnath Returns

Now this movie, I loved! All the fun the kids want, and the social message that the parents need! Executed very well. The film had some good songs and that helped create a buzz. It collected a good 40 crores in the box office, which is pretty good business.


5. Shaadi ke Side Effects

It’s predecessor was really funny. Shaadi ke side Effects had a stellar star cast in Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan? So what went wrong? The story didn’t complement the actors. Because these 2 actors can turn any movie into a masterpiece. Sadly, this movie wasn’t as strong in the story department. yet it managed to collect around 40 crores. Which is still a fairly good amount.


6. Hate Story 2

Hate Story somehow worked because of all the erotica, so the producers felt like making another one. Result? Complete disaster. The movie looked artificial from start to finish. Sushant Singh couldn’t elevate the movie with his presence, because it was just that bad. And yet, it managed to earn 30 crores. Which is astounding.


7. Ghayal Returns

Sunny Deol’s big hit, Ghayal, has a sequel which was supposed to release this year! However, there has been no news of the movie in the recent past. It may or may not release this year.


So here are 7 sequels that Bollywood had in the offing this year, while some of them were all right, some were pretty darn bad.

What do you think of sequels? Good or bad for the industry? Comment and let us know. 🙂

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