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21 Heart Touching Images of Nepal Earthquake Tragedy


21 Heart Touching Images of Nepal Earthquake Tragedy

On April 25th Nepal has faced a massive Earthquake of 7.9 magnitude on RItcher Scale making it the Worst Earthquake the Country has faced over Eight Decades. The After Effects of this Massive Earthquake were felt on Northern and Eastern States of India also. Thousands of People were Injured and many other lost their Valuable Lifes in this Nature’s Outburst. Meanwhile many People who were Saved from the Earthquake are living with a “HOPE” of thier Life.


Here we bring you 21 Heart Touching Images from the Recent Tragic Incident.


1 (2)

One of the Injured man is Very Happy to Reunite with his Baby.


2One of the Paramilitary Police Officer Comforts a Old woman who survived from the Earthquake.



3One of the Temple which is Devasted totally is seen with a Woman Praying inside it.


4Two kids play infront of thier house which is Reduced into bricks.


5Son consoles his mother who is Injured in the Earthquake.


6An Army Soldier carries an Old Woman to a safe place.


7This man helps an Old Man to his Wheel Chair from the Stretcher.


8This Picture shows Animals are the Best Friends of Human Beings.

This man takes care of his Best Friend in his Arms.


9A Flower stands tall amidst of the Tremors.


10A Tourist is provided Food by the Rescue Team.


11A young Girl searches and collects her belongings from her House which is Damaged due to Earthquake.


12A Family takes Shelter under a Rickshaw.




Soldiers Take out the Bodies under the Damaged Buildings.


Boy cries over the body of his father at a cremation ground after an earthquake in BhaktapurA son Cries over the Body of his Father at a Cremation ground.


Man sits on the rubble of his damaged house following Saturday's earthquake in Bhaktapur, NepalA man sits along his Damaged House.


People sleep as they wait outside the departure terminal at the airport in KathmanduPeople Sleep in a Conjusted manner as they wait outside the Departure Terminal of the Kathmandu Airport.


Identification numbers are seen next to dead bodies after an earthquake struck, outside a hospital in KathmanduIdentification Numbers are placed along side the Dead Bodies outside a Hospital in Kathmandu.


Boy injured in an earthquake looks out from the window of a hospital as bodies are brought in a day after the earthquake in BhaktapurAn Injured Boy looks out of the Hospital as other Injured Bodies are Brought in.


Man cries as he walks on the street while passing through a damaged statue of Lord Buddha a day after an earthquake in BhaktapurA man Cries as he walk past a Street with a Statue of Damaged Lord Buddha.


People rush for safety during a strong aftershock after an earthquake, in KathmanduPeople Run for thier Life after the Tremors and After Effects.



An Old Woman picks up the Bricks which were once Part of her Beautiful House.

Source : Reuters, AP, CNN, Getty Images.

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