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21 Stuffs To Do Before You Settle Down!


21 Stuffs To Do Before You Settle Down!

1.Travel with Your Best friends

Travelling solo is great but sometimes you just wish someone could be there to experience everything with you. Travel with your Best Friends and you’ll never argue over where to go, because you want to go everywhere together.
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2. Learn to Cook

“Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art.” No one in the world is born a great cook, one learns by doing. 🙂
Woman seasoning food
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3. Be Financially Independent

Many people in this world want to become financially independent, but very few take the actions required to reach independence.
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4. Face One of Your Biggest Fears

What is it that you are afraid of? Some of us don’t ever want to face our fears so we bury them deep inside or push them away. Allow yourself some time to experience your worst fear.
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5. Live Alone

Living alone means that you can live exactly how you please. You don’t have to adapt to anyone else’s timetable. Living on your own teaches you a lot about how to be independent.
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6. Accomplish a goal

A goal without a plan is just a wish!
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7. Challenge Yourself

“If something that you’re doing doesn’t challenge you, then it doesn’t change you.”
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8. Take a Road Trip

“The World is a Book and those who do not travel read only a page”

Five friends in convertible car, waving arms in air, rear view

Five friends in convertible car, waving arms in air, rear view

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9. Try a Nice Restaurant by Yourself

There might be amazing restaurants popping up around you, the choices are limitless, but one day just find the right spot and enjoy the atmosphere and the excellent food!
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10. Live Somewhere Else

Live somewhere else and learn places and things of which you would only dream of knowing.
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11. Find a New Show and watch it all in one Weekend

I don’t always watch TV but when I do find a show I like, I download all ten seasons and watch them in one night and get sad when it’s over.
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12. Get Fit

Don’t just work out so you can fit into a tight dress — make it a habit.
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13. Build Something With Your Hands

Create Something artistic and hang it up on your wall!
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14. Stay Up Until the Sunrise

Stay up till Sunrise, it could be playing on consoles like PS3, Xbox One, PSP, or read a book!
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15. See Your Favorite Artist Live

who is you favorite artist? A Dj, Musician, Comedian or an Actor?
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16. Make a List Of Books To Read And Then Read Them All

Whether your reading goal is to stimulate your mind, get lost in an adventure or romance, or learn something new, create a perfect list books to read this summer.
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17. Try a New Hobby

Try a new amazing hobby that required time and dedication but the end result is a unique and incredible experience.
Collect and Play Have Fun With a Toy Hobby
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18. Apply for your Dream Job

Don’t fear. Apply for your dream job, even if you feel you are not qualified. You’ve got to stay positive!job-app
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19. Keep A Journal

The window to your soul, keeping a journal can be a way of giving your feelings an outlet like no other, a place where your deepest thoughts can reside without fear of judgement.



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20. Do Something Crazy and Spontaneous

“The best nights are usually unplanned, random and spontaneous.”
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21. Get To Know Yourself

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. 🙂
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