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25 Times Roger Federer Proved He Is The King Of Twitter Too..!!


25 Times Roger Federer Proved He Is The King Of Twitter Too..!!


We all knew that Roger Federer is one of the Greatest Tennis Player of All Time. With 17 Grand Slam Titles more than anyone else , he has been ruling the Tennis over the past Decade. He was born on 8th August 1981 in Switzerland. He turned pro in 1998. He plays right handed and is a master in playing one-handed  Backhand. He plays for his country Switzerland in Davis Cup. Roger Federer is a down to earth man. He is very simple and doesn’t own a Private jet even though he is the most paid athelets in the world.

He joined  Twitter on 24 May 2013 and ever since he joined it he tried to be active with his Fans. He was very excited in doing #AskRF Sessions on Twitter. He has Tweeted more than a 1000 times.

Here we bring you 25 of the Best Tweets including Replies from the Great Man.

1. Roof Love

2. Craze to watch the Great Man

3. Incredible India

4. Deal with a Nadal Fan ?

5. Life Lesson

6. An Allrounder

7. #BadCoach

8. Batman Style

9. This is Damn True

10. #TooManyRFs

11. Challege Accepted

Here is the Video:

12. And He Did It

13. Office Time

14. LOL A Hashtag

15. #NoseSelfie

16. RF Watching You

17. #Hashtagerer

18. Great Answer

19. Press Conference Selfie

20. Suitcase Suggestions

21. What Next MARS??

22. #GOATEmoji

23. Well Decoded

24. #ResponsibleRF

25. Finally #PhotoshopRF


Check Out the Full Timeline of #PhotoshopRF Here

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