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28 Things That Only A True 90’s Indian Kid Will Remember


28 Things That Only A True 90’s Indian Kid Will Remember

Things were much simpler back then. A time when kids used to be smart, not their phones. A time when we used to wake up early to watch cartoons, and when we fall asleep on the sofa, we would magically wake up on bed. A time when happiness was getting a rupee from our parents to buy toffee. A time when playing outside was a bliss, when saving the princess from the dragon was our big adventure, when friendship was not made over Facebook. Remember that time? When festivals were meant to be celebrated, not to be posted online. When Sachin’s batting would freeze everything, people would switch on their TV sets and switch off their lives. And the only answer everyone wanted to know was “Sachin ka score kitna huya hai?”.

A time when collecting WWE card, pokemon cards was our ultimate treasure, when Shaktimaan was the voice of our conscience, and when comics were our leisure. Remember that time? When happiness was in small things, when dreams were much higher than the expectations, when the world was a canvas to our imagination. Life was much easier and simple, full of innocence, when future was a promise. It was the era of the 90’s when everything seemed so perfect.

If, like me, you grew up in the 90s, you are much lucky than the kids of today’ stupid generation. Being a 90’s Indian kid is delightful because you enjoyed your childhood fully. You experienced things that today’s kids will never ever realize. So since you’re a 90’s Indian kid you could easily remember and relate to these things which made our childhood so awesome. Those were the sweet old good days, and indeed those days are gone now. But we can always revisit the memory lane, so grab a seat on the GOOD OLD DAYS ride because we’re going for a NOSTALGIC TRIP.

So let’s take a look at the 28 Things That Only A True 90’s Indian Kid Will Remember!

1. Remember when taking pictures was simple, no filters or apps required, but just a smile!


2. When having a telephone was a big deal. The entire locality had one phone, and calls for everyone on that phone. Do you remember using the rotary dialer?


3. You remember their unique relationship, right?


4. The key to the wonderland! This key would bring our toys to life.


5. The ultimate treasure of our childhood. Collecting them all was our one quest.


6. The one person we all wanted to be on the cricket ground. He’s the reason why many of us fell in love with the game.


7. Before i-pod, before smartphones, this was our source of music. Recording songs, playing them…it was fun.


8. You realize you’re getting old when you can’t grab a bite with a two-rupee note. Yaad hai jab samosa 2 rupee ka aata tha!


9. Ab theek aa raha hai kya? Remember adjusting the antenna to watch television?


10.  Remember when it was WWF, not WWE! Watching Stone Cold, The Rock, Mick Foley and all your favorite stars of the Attitude Era.


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