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5 Beginner Tips For Starting A Successful YouTube Channel


5 Beginner Tips For Starting A Successful YouTube Channel

Research is as much digital now as it is analog. Encyclopedias are no longer the sole source of knowledge and information. Further, art has spread out from the confines of the canvas and is now splattered on the fibers of the internet. Therefore, YouTube today is one of the most profitable platforms for video creators, teachers, and other creative professionals.

If you’re just starting as a YouTuber, then we have collected a few tips in this article. Follow them and in no time, your channel will start attracting subscribers like a moth to a flame. We’ve got five ways to increase your reach and viewership in more clever ways:

Consistency equals popularity

Barring exceptional circumstances where you are unable to post, don’t, just don’t go on unexplained absences from your channel. Your audience is quickly going to lose all interest in your channel if you’re inactive for too long. And a word of caution, post too many videos and you’ll lose subscribers faster ink from a fountain pen.

We recommend creating a proper schedule, giving your viewers a general idea of when you’re going to post the next video, and sticking to your word. And if you really must be away for a while, intimidate them beforehand and offer an apology once you’re back.

Your frequency should be consistent with your content type. Vlogs require daily posting. On the other hand, most channels do well with one post per week.

Fiery passion makes it rain. Sort of

For creating a popular YouTube channel, you must have fun. If you’re going to create videos and sound like a total bore, you will be treated like a total bore. Regardless of your purpose in creating a channel, whether it is monetary or recreational, be excited about what you do.
Before starting your channel, choose a genre that you enjoy. Not only will you relish the journey you take, but you will also receive more views, more engagement, better audience response, and faster channel growth.

Remember, your audience isn’t going to be excited about your channel if you aren’t as well. Therefore, choose wisely.

Get the thumbnail right

Whenever you search for a video on YouTube, what do you see first? That’s right, the thumbnail! No matter how much you wish people didn’t judge books by their covers or YouTube videos by their thumbnails, this is something that shall remain a universal truth forever to come. So, when you upload a video on YouTube, you want a thumbnail that grabs people’s attention right from the start. Get them intrigued. Get them hooked.

This is easily achievable with just a few minutes of extra effort. Once you have created and finalized your video, take a couple of extra moments to create a customized thumbnail. If your thumbnail is successful in inviting the audience’s clicks, you will have achieved half your purpose. You can create a great-looking thumbnail quite easily through Canva.


Let’s face it. Everyone likes neatness and tidiness. If your channel is haphazardly cluttered with a plethora of videos that have nothing to do with each other, people are going to consider it a waste of time to browse through them. Instead, organize all your videos in proper playlists.

Not only does this look great, but it is also a clever way of generating viewership. With related videos organized under one playlist, viewers are likely to click on a few extra videos even if they originally intended to watch just one. The more views, the better, right?

Don’t be a loner

All social media platforms work through engagement and interaction. To grow, you must help others grow. To get engaged, engage with others. Start by commenting on a few high-quality videos. And don’t just type “wow” and “great”. Leave insightful, clever, engaging, and interesting comments which will attract other people to your profile. Try to engage more in areas related to your channel, but don’t be shy in digressing.

P.S. Don’t say please check out my channel. That is a surefire way of not inviting people to your page. By the word “engage”, we mean just that – engage!

Surfing around social media platforms and contributing to them are two vastly different ball games. The former requires an internet connection, but the latter needs you to be shrewd, intelligent, and dedicated. If you want to increase your YouTube subscribers and viewership, you must spend some time fine-tuning your content and researching for the best possible tips and tricks.

Remove useless fluff from your videos and be sure to include links to any open-source media you have included. Further, analyze! See how your videos have fared and think about what you could be doing wrong. Once you get the hang of it, it’ll become nature to you. Good luck, and happy YouTube-ing.

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