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5 Bollywood Dialogues That Make Us Think About Life

5 Bollywood Dialogues That Make Us Think About Life RVCJ Media

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5 Bollywood Dialogues That Make Us Think About Life

Movies are a magic to live through, when we see a movie we are not only entertained but we live through an experience, an experience of someone else’s lives. That magic is glorified when this beautiful experience is accompanied by soulful writing which knowingly or unknowingly teaches us a lesson, a lesson that helps us get through life, just a bit better.

So let us have a look at five dialogues (among many) from Bollywood movies that have helped us in our very own doubtful times:

1) “Zindagi mien kabhi kabhi ham mushkil rasta sirf isliye chunte hain, kuki hamien lagta hain ki mushkil raste se hi hamien apni manzil milegi, aasan rasta choose karna bhi bahot important hota hain, khaskar tab jab ham us mushkil ke liye taiyaar hi na hon.”

This beautiful dialogue from “Dear Zindagi” teaches us a lot; it helps us understand the importance of choosing the right path, it makes us realize that we should not choose to do something for which we are not ready.

2) “Main tumse dur nhi hua, baki log tumhare zyada paas aa gye”

It is a very deep dialogue from a very deep movie, “Jane Tu Ya Jane Na”. While talking with her brother, Aditi realizes and asks that why has their bond grown weak over the years? That is when her brother replies with this.

It teaches us that when we grow, we meet new people and without even realizing it we somehow grow distant from those who already are there. This is the phase where they say life happens.

3) “Insan ko dabbe mien bas tab hona chahiye jab vo marr gya hon”

Zidagi Na Milegi Dobara. The movie needs no introduction, it is a Bollywood favorite. In a scene where Arjun and Laila are lying down and watching the beautiful night sky studded with glorious stars, Arjun says he is experiencing anything like this for the first time and it is beautiful.

The dialogue inspires us to sometimes take a break from what we have made of our lives and to just sit, relax and contemplate.

4) “Lekin yaha acha lag rha hain”
“Bas isliye hi jana hoga.”

5 Bollywood Dialogues That Make Us Think About Life RVCJ Media


This dialogue is from a scene of another very popular movie, “Yeh Jawaani Hain Deewani”. When Kabir expresses his love to Naina, she explains her why they could not be together. Hugging each other for the last time they have this beautiful conversation.

It teaches us that no matter how much we love someone, one day or the other, we have to leave them. Leaving hurts but it is necessary to grow.

5) “Ek baar ek hero tha, usne bahot mehnat, padhai, engineering ki, fr usne naukri kri aur ek din yuhi naukri karte karte vo marr gya. Kya hua? Pasand nhi aayi ending? Toh badal do, tumhari hi to kahani hain.”

This soul-stirring monologue from Tamasha makes us understand that we are just working like robots and not enjoying our lives. It tells us that we are so busy working hard that we forget to contemplate on what are we really doing.

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