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5 Interesting Short Stories You Must Not Miss!


5 Interesting Short Stories You Must Not Miss!

Who doesn’t like stories? Short stories are even more fun to read!!
Here are a few compiled and few self written stories you MUST NOT miss today!


He would always stare at her from a distance, not wanting to let her know. She noticed it though, and smiled back often. He and his friends were convinced. Communicating with eyes continued but, days passed, he just could not gather courage to talk to her.

Then one day, draped in a beautiful turquoise saree, wrapped around her fine waist, straight, long, brown, silky hair falling down on her back, she looked stunning. I thought to myself it is now or never. ‘I must tell her how much I love her’. He gathered courage and finally went to her and said ‘hey!’.

She saw him with those big brown eyes filled with anticipation, as if she too wanted him to talk to her. Her perfect lips were of perfect curve. Her face looked even more gorgeous from close. Stroking her hair gently, she smiled. Everything was in slow motion. Her lips moved to give way to words, I was dying to hear, she said “Bol bhai (yeah brother), ke haal sey tere?”

The end.


I was told I had some serious issues with my body. I had bruises which weren’t visible to me, life threatening deep cuts which somehow gave me no pain.

The doctor gathered all her equipment, telling me that only she can operate me. She began with injecting me with a syringe. I saw the love of my life smiling, as if she was enjoying what was being done to me.

I too couldn’t help but smile at the way my baby daughter was struggling to hold the plastic syringe with her little hands.


My old father just won’t stop blabbering in the middle of the night. I am sick of his ceaseless screaming. I visit his grave to ask him to shut up but, he just won’t!


My grandmother passed away recently. It is a practice to hang a picture of our loved ones, who aren’t with us anymore. It hung over the fireplace.
That night, I felt as if someone was staring at me, through the dark. I lit a candle to check if anyone was in the room. Instantly my eyes were drawn to the picture of my grandmother, her eyes were open and she had a hand outstretched pointing at me.
How was that possible? I was terrified. Where was she pointing at me in the dark?
It was only when my lamp was blown out from wind, did I realise she was pointing behind me.


A father’s world came crashing down when he lost her 3 year old in crowd, forever. He ran from pillar to post, looking for his baby. Will I not be able to see her again? Will I not be able to see her growing up?
He was hopeless but, destiny wanted something else. He got called up by the hospital, his daughter was found. He cried endlessly, holding his daughter after 5 years of painful wait. He was struck to see her pale, expressionless face which used to cheerful and naughty once.

The hospital room was hot; the father asked the doctor, ‘zara khidki khol do’ (please open the window)”

She dropped her pants when she heard ‘khol do (open)’

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