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5 Lifestyle Items That Are Missing In Your Home

5 Lifestyle Items That Are Missing In Your Home RVCJ Media


5 Lifestyle Items That Are Missing In Your Home

1. Bean bags

Who can resist the temptation of jumping and hopping carelessly on a cushy fluffy bean bag, throwing it around the way you want, treating it as badly as you can, if you’re the bad boys that is. Almost a luxury when you don’t wish to spend a moolah buying one. It comes cheap and it’s available on rentals too. Oh ya, almost forgot, the great Indian renting festival is just around the corner, you can also get one for free here with your order.

Bean bags online at Rs.100/- per month

2. Cloth Dryer

When we were kid, remember how we spent time hanging the just-washed clothes moms gave us. All that fun, yeah. These days you can’t really afford that luxury thanks to our shrinking lifestyle and lack of free space around. This is where you won’t mind spending a few bucks on a cloth dryer. Surprisingly it’s also available at monthly rentals of Rs.100/- per month. Sleek, stylish and multi-positional wings make the cloth dryer a hot item in your house. Who wouldn’t love 20-25 drying rods giving you a total of 40-50 feet of total drying area in a small space? I’ve been using one myself and best part about it is it can bear loads up to 18-20 kg.

Cloth Dryer online at Rs.100/- per month

3. Shoe-racks

Whether you are a tidy person who loves to keep clean and shoes in place or you’re someone whose slippers and flippers are always something you love hunting for every time you’re about to go out; you would agree a shoe rack organizes your lifestyle in its own small way. It constantly reminds you hey it’s here! And if you’re someone who respects time, shoe-racks can save you hours of your life. You can always find amazing shoe-racks online with easy shipping policies and if you’re on a low budget or not sure how soon will you move from your current place and don’t want to buy, you can take it on rent from some nearby shops around or online. Renting can be a great option and it won’t cost you more than Rs.150 per month as I found on this website.

Shoe-Racks online at Rs.150/- per month

4. Trekking Bags

Trek or not, get a trekking bag! It’s impossible to not talk about treks and adventure trips when we’re talking lifestyle. In today’s hectic lifestyle we amazingly still manage to squeeze out some free time to go close to nature. I am personally someone who would rather trek and go out on long tours than sit at home and watch the idiot box. I recently purchased a couple of trekking bags from an online store and that works for me. If you’re a bit budget conscious or having a short-time requirement, probably you can rent one online at prices as low as Rs.250 per month.

Trekking bags online at Rs.250/- per month

5. Fitness equipment

Okay, I can imagine how you feel. You’re perhaps someone who’d rather go jogging in nearby park than using a treadmill in house. Okay so how many days in recent past have you actually managed to convince yourself for that effort? Depending on your choices, fitness equipment is one lifestyle element addition to your house that will bring some discipline to your life. I used to go jogging till last month, but then some lack of time due to work and I ended up ordering a treadmill on rent online. And I have to say it’s fun at super affordable monthly rental.

Treadmills on rent online at Rs.2000/- per month

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