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5 Pataks We Love Blowing Up On Diwali


5 Pataks We Love Blowing Up On Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights and exchanging sweets. But there is different enjoyment and fun in bursting crackers. Many people say that it causes pollution, but I ask them what happens when industrial pollution and vehicle pollution is caused 24 hours every 365 days a year and they have problem when we burst crackers for just 4 hours for a single day in a year. Come on yaar have some fun and enjoy Diwali this year with bursting crackers.Fireworks are classified into five major categories –

1. Crackers (Noise)
2. Crackers (Noise)
3. Sparkers (Light)
4. Rockets (Motion)
5. Fancy Items (Mixture of Noise, Light and Motion)

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Different types of Crackers

1. Anaar –

Anaars are the best option for people who want to experience the beautiful visual element of fireworks. These anaars are best suited for those people who don’t want any sound or blast and just want to peacefully burst crackers. They come in different types and colors. They look very nice when they create sparkles and children love them.


2. Sparklers –

They are entertaining and child friendly. They are created keeping in mind the small children who can have fun burning them. Handheld sparklers when lit, emits a constant stream of sparks which is safe for children. Waving the stick outside in the evening makes different shapes to have fun.


3. Rockets –

This is the most famous type of firework. This is the mostly used firework which when launched into the air, rises to an enormous height. Depending on the type of rocket used, they height varies. After reaching in the sky, the rocket explodes and creates different types of sounds and sparkles with different colours. They are mostly used in the Dusshera Festival.


4. Chakras –

Like their names they are made from a tube filled with powder which is then coiled. When the fuse is lit, the wheel rotates at speed thus producing a spiral effect of coloured flames and sparks. This is also safer for small children and they love jumping in the flames when this cracker is burnt.


5. Ladis –

An Indian favourite. These shotgun crackers come in different quantities even some in thousands shop-packed for one go. They are especially used in weddings and when India wins cricket Matches. Their distinct ‘pataka’ sound is something you will always hear around your neighbourhood during Diwali.


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