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5 Products With Negative Price On Indian e-Commerce Websites


5 Products With Negative Price On Indian e-Commerce Websites

Shopclues is one of leading online shopping website who sells product for dirt cheap price. Shopclues was first website came up with Flea market concept where they sell the products at whole sale market price. Shopclues is big player in Indian e-commerce market just behind Flipkart, Amazon & Snapdeal. But we recently noticed that this website is also famous for negative pricing of items. Few products on this website have price less than 0. Does it mean they will pay customer for buying these products?? We didn’t try buying these products but here are 5 such products which have negative pricing on Shopclues. Let’s give it a try to buy. You might get the money back for buying these products. These deals are still available and we have left the link with every product also.

1. Set of 12pcs Round & Flat Paint Brush


2. Comb Set of 3 pcs


3. Mini Tape Dispenser

4. Magic Charger Jadoo Charger Universal Battery Charger (OOS)


5. Black Round Brush (OOS Now)


Share it with your friends who love shopping online. Also let us know how these websites are able to sell the product for negative price 😛

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