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5 Reasons Why Happn Is The Best Dating App For Girls!


5 Reasons Why Happn Is The Best Dating App For Girls!

Are you a girl who keeps dreaming about your prince charming? Are you finding it difficult to find your Mr. Perfect? If so, you must surely try a dating app, but wait, do you have your own doubts with regards to the safety of dating apps, considering the problems your friends must have faced in the past? If so, you really need to switch to Happn as it’s the most girl-friendly app that allows you to find your Mr. Right, of course, in a safe and secure way.

In our opinion, here are the top reasons which will make you download it right away; no we are not forcing you to download the app, but after reading the benefits associated with it, you are automatically going to get restless to have it on your phone and find a guy for yourself.

Check out these 5 reasons;

1. Safety like never before!

So, all you girls out there, let us assure you that Happn is your safe friend. If you don’t want to indulge in that timepass or cheap dating, where unwanted guys follow you and try getting in touch with you, Happn will show you the right track.

It’s just the dating app you want, “Free of malpractices” and “Confidential”. We know you must be having a mindset that all dating apps are useless, but won’t you try this once and thank us later for changing that age old perception of yours?

2. 100 percent genuine profiles!

We know you just hate it when guys go out of the way to impress you with flowery words. It’s like “Empty vessels make more noise”. If you are interested in serious dating, which is free from such jerks, it’s high time you download Happn.

Decent and genuine profiles are guaranteed; we bet you won’t get any of those guys who keep nagging you or post fake information just to impress you! Happn believes in keeping these fake profiles away; the app cares for your safety and has left no stone unturned to give you your perfect soul mate. If you are a girl who goes too much into details before taking the decision, worry not, as there’s an “About” Section too, where you can know every detail about your would-be. All set to enjoy a scam-free experience?

3. Chat only if the interest is mutual!

Whenever you cross paths with someone and you like the profile, you can send a “Heart”; however, it will remain a secret unless and until even they like the profile. So, this is a good option for girls, who don’t wish to be irritated and nagged by unwanted guys.

Suppose a guy likes you on Happn, he cannot irritate you or chat with you unless you too send him a “Heart”. “Mutual attraction” is the best feature of Happn. Chat can be started only when both like each other’s profile; in short, it becomes a “Crush”. It’s a good thing because you will be saved from those jerks who create a mess in your life by unwanted chatting & pinging.

4. Date whoever you want; engineer, doctor or an architect!

When you were a child, didn’t you dream of your Mr. Right being a doctor or may be an engineer? I am sure you all must have thought something in your mind with regards to his profession. Well, it’s time to transform those dreams into reality and date someone who shares the same occupation as you.

Happn makes it possible to choose guys as per their profession; if you are career oriented girl and have set goals in mind about your life partner’s profession, then this feature is no less than a blessing for you. There’s no hurry at all! Scroll through profiles depending on his profession and give a green signal only if you find everything perfect. Time to buck up girls!

5. Date someone with similar interests!

Want to experience an amazing feeling wherein you fall in love with a guy with similar interests? Obviously, “Like mindedness” is the first thing that you would see as a girl and Happn respects this. Wouldn’t it be great to catch up over a cup of coffee or may be spend some time together in the library, just because you both love reading? One of the best features of Happn is that it will show you profiles that share similar interests as you. For example, you might cross paths with a coffee lover in a coffee shop or may be an avid reader in a library. Sharing common interests with the guy you like can take you into a fairy land.

Trust this app as it has gone way too far in order to give you a safe & happy dating experience. Leave all your worries to Happn as the app will not only drive way your loneliness & give your Mr. Crazy or Mr. Perfect whoever you are waiting for, but will also ensure that you enjoy a life that you deserve!

What are you waiting for? Click here & explore happn right away.

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