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5 Weird And Quirky Places To Visit In India

Adventure Activites in India


5 Weird And Quirky Places To Visit In India

Are you curious about strange things happening? Are you intrigued to know the reason of what happened and why it happened so weird? Well there are some things to which there is no answer. As a thrill seeker like you we present some infamous quirky and weird places in India. Confusing rationalists and the superstitions, these places wil make you feel unnerved and make you go whaaat??? Go ahead… read…

Jatinga, Assam 

Weird places in India

As sick and scary as it feels as you see the above picture, a small village in Assam has earned a bad name with mass number of “bird suicides”. *Goose Bumps*.
Although a lot of Ornithologists have disputed these claims and have attributed the deaths to the villagers it’s still not been proven why the birds die en-masse.

Magnetic Hill, Ladakh 

Quirky and weird places in India


30 KM from Leh is a strange outpost of the Indian Army known as the Magnetic Hill. At this place if you leave your car turned off on neutral, it starts continue reading…

Adventure Activities in India

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