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5,000-Year-Old Man Found Living In Uttar Pradesh? SHOCKING!


5,000-Year-Old Man Found Living In Uttar Pradesh? SHOCKING!

We are going to share with you a story which seems unreal but there are certain evidences which say that this story is absolutely real. It is said as per Hindu mythological scriptures that Ashwathama, son of Guru Dronacharya will always be present on the earth till there is life on earth. This story is from Mahabharata, the biggest epic of Hindus and this video shows that Ashwathama is still alive and present on the earth.

The team of Zee News made a visit to these three temples – Liloti Nath Mandir, the Shivrajpur Mandir and the Khaireshwar Mandir in UP, and if the local citizens are to be believed the 5000 year old Aswathama is visiting these temples daily.

The local citizens say that he offers water to the god or the idol without missing even a single day and it happens even if the doors of the temple are locked. The reporter talked to various people including priests, doctors to ascertain the authenticity of the story.

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